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We have a special why of dealing with people we first show them are creditability that's pretty important this day of age then we lesson to them of course having a construction company that we own as well helps because we are able to install new septic /sewer  fix what ever needs fixing repair roads clear the properties you name it we can do it i do believe that if your nice to people do every thing you can possible do to help them .Creditability is the number one thing                               Eric Howard 360-704-8104                                     Larry Howard 360-269 -1123                            Jacqueline 360-269-0226                   Home Office 360-983-3922


We do many first time home buyers we rent to many special needs people we help people with credit repair we help people in trouble with there mortgages and no way out . we buy homes in probate We buy Homes in bankruptcy We buy homes in divorce We buy homes from people needing to go into assisted living . We buy homes that people are doing job transfer we do many commercial buildings apartments ware houses restaurant leases We can finance people with absolutely no credit we rent to all types of people  .we can close a house purchase in 10 days we try to help people in just about whatever situation there in


Country Rose Associates helps people that can't afford there mortgage we also help people get into homes .we well buy just about any house or properties that people need to sell fast all 50 states