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Elizabeth Ward Small, a National Top Producing REALTOR in Alamance County. If you are looking for a REALTOR with knowledge and experience you can trust contact Liz! Local Website: www.wardsmall.co

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Liz, I just wanted to let you know that of all of the articles that I have read in the past couple of days from Active Rain, yours was the BEST! I saw two articles yesterday that pointed out the problem, but came up very very short on solutions. Your article was very good at coming up with solutions and some really good practical advice!Thanks!!  Nancy PerryAssociate BrokerHunt Real Estate, ERA, Lucas Division480-326-6702Nancy@Huntrealestateaz.com  This is comment is my blogging goal: TO HELP YOU! TO GIVE YOU VALUE FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ WHAT I HAVE TO SHARE!

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Married to the love of my life and business partner, Lynn Small.

We have two awesome children 12 and 15.  They are my life and the core of who I am and what I do and HOW I DO IT!




Completing BOOK "Simply Rocks" and final real estate CD!

FAVORITE SONG: Into The Mystic, Van Morrison

FAVORITE BAND: The Eagles are my all time favorite but I love country music as well!

FAVORITE ACTOR: Adam Sandler makes me laugh

MOST RECENT MOVIE: GROWN UPS! If you are a fan of P.S. I love you than YOU MUST see this! www.sendoutcards.com/31882 and see how I created my own PS I love you to my family!

Not to be morbid but if I get hit by a train tomorrow (not going to happen - there are no trains is Alamance County) my family will get a personalized I love you, Words of Wisdom greeting card in the mail from me until 2010! It is created, paid for and done! You can do the same thing!



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Elizabeth has been a REALTOR since 1994!

I walk and talk real estate~







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