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I suppose the greatest influence on my Real Estate career in the beginning was the book Think and grow rich by napoleon hill as it gave me the seed for change .The concept of anything the mind of man can conceive and believe coupled with a burning desire he can achieve. Took me and my spirit totally. At the time I was working as a skilled trades welder at Ford Motor Company. The fact was unknown to me at the time ,but I was the youngest highest paid welder at ford motor company. I had reached my plateau at the age of 27 time to find new goals and mountains to climb. After obtaining my license I had the blessing of a mentor(Ron Spencer) who guided me helped encouraged and taught me the ways of Real Estate and the ways of success. We studied the Tom Hopkins sales techniques practice drilled and rehearsed. In the middle of the 70,s we probably sold more farms in the Midwest than any other small brokerage. I learned the power of positive thinking, the secret, and of course the I never see failure as failure but only as a learning experience I never see failure as failure but only as the negative feedback I need to change course in my direction; I never see failure as failure but only as the opportunity to develop my sense of humor; I never see failure as failure but only as an opportunity to practice my techniques and perfect my performance; I never see failure as failure but only as the game I must play to win . Tom Hopkins wrote it I believed it. In these times it might benefit us all and remember the basic truths the things that got us where we are and helped make us who we are.

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Commercial Real Estate:Having worked as V.P. acquisition for a development company I believe I could help an investor locate ,structure and close with A reasonable expectation of profit on any project his mind could conceive.My heart of course will always be in agriculture land.


Spent 18 years as successful Real Estate Broker in Florida 5 years as a land buyer for Flag Development corp. Now Agent Dalton Wade Real Estate Group