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Get to Know David Spangler

Haling from the Midwest where contracts are one page and a handshake, David has taken that "simple, laid back" approach and customized it with a personable and ever-sharpening business acumen to form a successful career as a Real Estate Investment Consultant since his migration to Los Angeles in 1997.

With a degree in Business Marketing from the University of Missouri, David's previous work history is extremely diverse.  Merchandise Buyer, Wine Broker, Catalog Manager, A&R Representative, Recording Artist - yes that's right, rockstar.  "Being a professional musician, negotiating management deals, agency deals and record contracts was prime exposure back at age 23.  Now I'm able to utilize ALL of my past experiences to the advantage of my clients.  L.A. is so diverse, you have to be able to adapt to all personality types." 

On the investment consulting side of the coin is where David's success story really unfolds.  "Having the cognizance to put the right people together at the right time is not an everyday circumstance that anyone can just find themselves in.  Being diligent and creating your own personal connections to the higher-end clientele, developers, and/or investors with the cash and direct ties to the projects through constant development of relationships; now that's an accomplishment that takes years to create and nurture." 

Fortunately, David never assumes the potential outcome of any relationship with anyone:  "All people are connected by the six degrees of separation phenomenon, and I have pursued each and every individual as if they were the most important human being on the planet," he admits.  "This is what I feel to be my greatest discovery, along with the element of synchronicity." 

Finally, it should also be noted that David retains the title of Developer, in addition to his many other credentials.  Having successfully developed housing projects in other states, it is a personal satisfaction that he shares with his immediate family members.  "My whole family, at one time or another, has been in the building and construction business in the Midwest and Northwest my whole life.  My exposure to that element as a kid, doing roofing jobs in the summers, has to have something to do with where I'm at today, and I'll never forget that."


I have successfully sold a variety of real estate including raw land and commercial buildings.  My focus, however, has been in the single family residential market.  The variety of homes in the hills, the many styles of architecture that have been used over the years, keeps me on my toes.  In this gigantic city, there are very few tracts.  The lay of the land varies from block to block, so the traditional "developer" isn't the dominant source of home building.  I really concentrate on viewing as many homes as is physically possible.  When clients ask for specific things, they do not usually exist in large quantity.  Therefore, I feel it to be extremely important to know the home.  I usually will tour the home personally before showing it.  This way, I know that the client will get what they've asked for.  I'm not saying I hit it right every time, but at least we get to have a little fun, right?

Having personally lived in a townhome community in the past, I also understand the Homeowner's Association requirements as well.  This is the most overlooked situation with buyers in the market for a condo.  Buyers usually focus on two things:  the money and the physical aesthetic.  Their not really focused on the smaller details until after the deal closes.  I feel it necessary to try to educate first-timers and remind down-sizers that there are many other factors that come with sharing a development (which is essentially what townhome/condo living is).

Finally, through my dealings directly with lending institutions and attempts to sell bulk REO deals, I have an understanding of what the banks are looking for in dealing with the buyers and agents.  Banks have a unique and specific language and negotiating with the asset managers is an art form that takes several deals to perfect.  My communication skills are well-developed due to my writing skills (business plans, songs, poetry) and this is my secret weapon when working on behalf of the client. 


Serving the Beach communities, Westside & San Fernando Valley areas for nearly 20 years, my experience, education and patient demeanor will surely help you in your endeavors with L.A. area real estate