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Ron Owens
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Get to Know Ron Owens

Ron Owens is a state certified real estate instructor and broker with over 25 years of experience in real estate investments, property management and brokerage. He owns a  real estate school, real estate brokerage and has served as training director for a national real estate investment franchise company. Ron is an active member of the Georgia Real Estate Fraud Prevention Awareness Coalition (GREFPAC), national Real Estate Educators Association, Georgia Real Estate Educators Association and local, state and national associations of REALTORS®. He has had several articles to appear in real estate related publications and served as an expert witness in real estate litigation.

He is a Certified Master Coach with The Club Mastermind, Regional Director for Oneir Realty and President of the American Association of Real Estate Coaches.

Ron is a native of Gwinnett County, Georgia holds a Masters Degree in Psychology and a Ph.D. in Counseling and believes in the concept of life-long learning.


Oneir Realty offers brokers, agents and non-licensed individuals an opportunity to have multiple streams of income which continue even after you retire.   I have positions available for three types of people. One, I will be selecting a few brokers to open the first Oneir offices in several states. Second, I need agents who want to make more money and third, I need affiliates who know agents and brokers and want to make money by referring them to Oneir. Agents or Brokers can be anywhere in the U.S. and you will still get paid. In fact, I will pay you a $2500 referral fee if you refer a broker who purchases an Oneir Realty franchise from me. Even before we have brokers in place agents can start making money. All I am asking, at this point, is to sign up for a "Go to Meeting" presentation. They are offered every Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm eastern time. Now, how non-threatening is that? Just keep an open mind and watch the presentation. Feel free to call me but I had rather answer questions after you've seen the presentation.   To sign up for one of the webinars, go to  and click the Sign up for Webinar button. This will only take a few minutes of your time and could make the difference between success and just getting by. While on the site, be sure to click on "Careers," "Overview" and "Compensation Plan."  



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