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Get to Know David & Jeanean Gendron

Jeanean and David Gendron have owned a software development company for the last 18 years. We worked with a number of companies including Apple Computer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Sybase, Hewlett Packard, and Novell. Our products were based on performance management and performance improvement. Jeanean got her real estate license in 2000 and began to grow a real estate business. Eventually, the business grew and David came on board to do the website and photography work. The result has been what we call a Dynamic Knowledge Repository for our clients. We focus on the customer centric view of "What does our Consumer need and want to see". The result is Happy Real Estate for Happy People.

We now build, through phased implementation, WordPress websites and blogsites for clients interested in building a pervasive Internet Marketing Presence. Through one central site linked to multiple sites that are dedicated to niche markets, we have a SEO generation machine that creates a pervasive marketing infrastructure. Our goal is to own the SEO top spots for our chosen niche market(s) using Organic SEO.

We firmly believe that a key anchor for any Realtor or Agent in the Real Estate Industry will include ActiveRain, an ActiveRain Outside Blog and Localism. 

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Marketing the Land - Jeanean and David Gendron - The Shasta Lifestyle

Today's Real Estate markets are demanding Video and are key in getting good organic SEO. Here is an example of a low-end presentation (slide show) but in video format for better SEO. It's again just one of the circle of connection points that provide you with that pervasive marketing infrastructure. Build for the Future and leverage the things you build in multiple sites....it all links back for great SEO and ranking.


Systems thinking, application and design and a marketing professional. David has a MBA from Maharishi International University and has used his knowledge of those fundamental design elements, systems design and application in all of the products we have built in our software development business. One central framework that is supported by multiple links creates a efficient infrastructure. Add WordPress to the mix and your have an enviroment where the user can own their content and create a viable marketing presence for a reasonable costs or investment.  We like keeping the cost lower for our clients and we like to have fun doing it.

As a marketing professional, Jeanean Gendron brings the world of marketing, SEO and branding into the equation. With every Wordpress blog we build for our clients we also offer Market Brand Consulting and training in SEO and Social Media. It's a circle of connection and we just have to connect the dots! Call us today and we can talk more about making you FAMOUS.

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Having built over serveral million dollars in production systems, we bring a large experience base to bare for our clients. We communicate and we engage with our clients to create a custom brand and marketing system that will be effective for their business. The customer must know that they must also invest to have the systems we create brand for the transparency of who they are and how they do business. It rocks....good things!


We are smart and we love developing beautiful products. It's not the one thing we do but all the things we do that bring about a circle of engagement. It's actually an art form.

Call us and we'll tell you all about it.

Jeanean and David Gendron 866 441-0078

SS Team Real Living
We built a successful Blog site for the Real Living Short Sale Team. It was fun and a team effort that was exciting. Any group of people that come together to build something stronger than one person can do is always powerful.

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