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When you are ready to buy Baton Rouge real estate, Prairieville or Gonzales homes or property in East Baton Rouge, or surrounding Parishes I can help! Exclusive Buyer's Specialist ONLY helps buyers!

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I was born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and have been a resident of Louisiana for the last 5 years. I reside in Ascension Parish with my wife, son and daughter.  I also have a son that lives with his mother in New Jersey.  

After graduating high school I joined the Marines for 3 years, worked several customer service professions until I was discovered diving at a public pool in my home town and became a Professional High Diver, which I have done for 26 years.  I have traveled all over the world as a Professional High Diver/Aquatic Entertainer, which is how I was able to meet mys wife, who is a life long resident of Louisiana.   I plan to continue high diving, but only as a fun sport during my vacation times.  

I am an avid pool player and I enjoy playing in 8 ball and 9 ball tournaments.  I also enjoy darts, tennis, bowling, and playing with myids.   I have  been surrounded by real estate due to my wife and sister-in-law being in the business.  I chose to become an Exclusive Buyer's Specialist because I have seen his wife help many buyers and felt that I'd like to start out my real estate career the same way.  I am a full-time Exclusive Buyer's Specialist with Regina Harp & Team and my goal is to provide exceptional, quality service to the buyers I help.  I look forward to helping as many home buyers as I can during their real estate transactions.

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As a Buyer's Agent Exclusively - Agent for Real Estate Buyers Only -  I can guarantee you that I will always represent your best interests in your next home buying transaction. Why? Because the regulations governing the real estate industry allow me to.

"My only focus is on protecting your interests to find the best home for you at the lowest possible price." You will Receive from Me: Local Insight - I have lived in Louisiana for the past 5 years. I know the neighborhoods well and have a team of Realtors that also know the areas well which will give you an accurate assessment of which areas will fit your needs and lifestyle. Reliability - You'll know you can count on me, before and after you've purchased your new home. I'll help you find a home that fits your needs now, and we'll look to the future to make sure the choices you make today will still work for you tomorrow. Quality Service - I'm not going to "sell" you a house. I will also try to understand your needs and desires, and then help you review all your options so that you can make informed decisions.