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1. Mr. Taylor understands the difference between leadership and management amounts to more than a different set of skills.

Management is based on order and control and makes use of sophisticated processes. It came into being during the Industrial Revolution, when a mass of uneducated workers needed to be marshaled. Leadership, on the other hand, is about expressing the human spirit -- the real source of greatness. We cannot teach leadership in the same way we teach management.

2. Mr. Taylor's preoccupation with leadership is neither a fad nor a fashion.

Leadership as a concept has been explored for thousands of years. It can be found in ancient texts from China to Egypt. Our fascination with it has never dwindled because it is part of our understanding of who we are as human beings. People express leadership when they demonstrate the best of themselves and others.

3. To become a leader, you must know yourself first.

No two individuals express leadership in the same way. Each one of us can be a unique leader, and that is why trying to put leadership into a box always fails.

4. Leadership is not based on position or title.

Leadership springs from anyone enabled and encouraged to express himself while working with purpose and meaning. As a society, we need to shift away from the notion of chief executives as visionaries with transforming ideas. We have to shift from a dependency state to one of participation in which everyone uses his or her own power and potential to serve and fulfill a purpose.

Leadership is a process in which leaders and followers engage to achieve mutual goals. We are all leaders and followers at different times. "Followership" is not a passive role but a dynamic one: Followers ensure that the leader follows the purpose.

5. Leadership cannot be achieved in isolation.

People express leadership when they act as part of an integrated whole, and this works best when a web structure replaces the hierarchical structure. It is important that individuals and organization develop together and an organization be treated as a living, breathing whole. Leadership needs the right environment in which to thrive.

6. Leadership must take priority over management in today's fast-changing world.

Management thrives in a stable environment and a hierarchical structure. But we are living in a world that changes constantly, and we must rewrite the rules. Leadership will be at the heart of all our efforts to improve our organizations and our world. It will require the courage that is at the heart of all leadership. Derek works on expressing his leadership potential daily. Consider your life at work, at home and in social situations. Are you a leader or simply a manager? Are you developing leadership skills and using them to improve your organization and your personal life? Remember: Leadership is a journey, not something that can be learned on a five-day training course. It requires time and reflection.


I work as a consultant in many different areas of real estate.  Of course, I am an expert in assisting buyers purchase a home, and I work dilligently with those wishing to sell their home as quickly as possible and allow them to receive the most money possible.  I also assist those who may be facing foreclosure, as many people are these days.  I am an expert in helping you negotiate the path to avoid foreclosure.  I can explain your options to you in your language.  Short sales are my specialty. 


Our mission is to provide you with superior service and expertise.