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At Rising Star, we are committed to helping you find the right mortgage product for your needs at the best rate. We understand that every borrower is different, and we can offer a variety of loan products and programs to meet your individual requirements. We make the mortgage process simple and straight forward by explaining and clarifying every detail, so you can feel comfortable knowing that you are making the best choice for you!For clients who have credit problems which inhibit them from qualifying for a low interest home loan, Rising Star offers a highly effective credit repair program.  In fact, the Rising Star top rated credit repair service has enabled many clients to eliminate negative items from their credit report, enabling them to realize their dreams of home ownership. Visit Rising Star online and full out the sign up easy form and we will call you back soon.

At Rising Star Financial Services we understand how it feels to be shunned or denied because you have credit problems.  That's why we have Bad Credit experts standing by to help you overcome your financial challenges.  We completely understand the anguish that people who have been refused a mortgage or any kind of loan, a credit card, a job or an apartment feel. 

Negative information on credit reports inhibit good people from achieving their financial dreams, and sadly, 95% of all creditors fail to comply with the hundreds of laws under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, thus violating your rights.  On account of the importance of having good credit in order to realize important financial goals, and the frequency of credit reporting errors, credit restoration has become increasingly necessary.

People occasionally ask me if they can do this credit repair service for themselves and while you can realize some success by initiating this process on your own, you could make things worse by simply not having the right knowledge or tools to get the job done effectively.  So as a general rule, I wouldn't recommend that you try to repair your credit by yourself. Save yourself the frustration, the unwanted legal fees, and the months of time doing this on your own, by enlisting the help of a professional credit repair service.  Let Rising Stars experienced professionals who have considerable credit repair expertise, get the results you want from the credit bureaus.

Even if you have good credit, keeping tabs on exactly what is on your credit report will reduce your chances of developing bad credit.  Order a credit report today and make sure that all of the information listed is accurate and up to date.  Then Rising Star will review and scrutinize your credit report with you.  The initial consultation is completely free. 


Rising Star specializes in both mortgage as well as credit repair, and we work closely with a number of mortgage and real estate companies who refer their credit challenged clients to us to take advantage of the Rising Star Credit Repair program.  After completing the Rising Star Credit Repair program, clients who at one time had credit problems are finally to qualify for a low interest home loan.  A mere 50-100 point increase in one's credit score saves our clients thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars over the life of their home loan, and often means the difference between qualifying and being declined.  The Rising Star credit repair program typically takes between 2 - 6 months depending on the gravity of our clients circumstances. 

Rising Star Financial Services also offers highly effective debt resolution strategies to absolve clients of unmanageable debt.  These programs are all administered by a law firm with over 25 years of debt resolution in debt solutions, trusts, foundations, and other asset protection programs.  It's not a do-it-yourself program or a fat manual to read and absorb.  There is no waiting for events not under your control to occur or court appearances to attend.  You do not need to hire a local lawyer.  This is a comprehensive program and yet your role primarily consists of merely exchanging a few emails to establish a solid paper trail. 

We provide an honest protection against all of your unsecured creditors - credit card companies, banks, hospital and doctor bills, old lease obligations, civil liability suits... you don't have to worry about any of these anymore once you are in our Premier Program.  From the time you enter until your protection is in place may be a matter of less than a couple of weeks.  It's protection that lasts for a lifetime unless you decide to change it. 

Please visit Rising Star at: and sign up for a FREE Mortgage Quote or if necessary, take advantage of the Rising Star Credit Repair program. 


Top rated mortgage & credit repair company dedicated to enabling clients to achieve their financial dreams. Affiliated loan officers issue refund up to $500 for cost incurred of repairing your credit.