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Mobile notary specializing in loan document signing. 6 years experience as a notary and 5 years experience as an escrow officer uniquely qualify me to provide excellent service to your clients.

Get to know David Bonner

Based in Los Angeles, Relevance is an experienced professional Mobile Notary/Document Signing Service that serves all of Southern California. We take the hassle out of getting your documents signed, notarized and returned. Relevance has a  "people centric" mentality coupled with a Midwestern sense of values. That said, Relevance appreciates every customer and strives to show that appreciation in a number of ways:    1)  First and foremost, Relevance recognizes that often times the notary signing agent is the only "real person" your clients come face to face with during the lending process. How the notary conducts "business" is of extreme importance as it can often times mean the difference between a satisfied repeat client or a client who seeks out the next low cost provider of lending services when they need those services again. Relevance realizes that we all thrive with repeat business.2)  Relevance also recognizes that by creating win-win scenarios  everyone benefits. Mutually beneficial relationships tend to be long term, and make for happier clients. Relevance strives to create win-win relationships with all clients; it's the only way we do business. From day one, we focus on the ways we can tailor our services to meet each client's individual needs.3)  Backing up our business philosophy is our "new customer" and "existing customer" cash back promotions that are designed to foster a working relationship that can grow and thrive (see the "Best Deals" page of our website for more information).4)  97% on time arrival for all signings. Given the complete unpredictability of Southern California traffic, this is important. Clients tell us all the time how happy and pleased they are that we arrived when promised for their signings. Although this might seem unimportant to some, to Relevance it is very important as it tells our clients that we respect them by arriving on time. That's a great way to say "hello".5)  Relevance uses only new, state of the art equipment. This means clients can expect unsurpassed reliability and accuracy in all facets of their interactions with us. From GPS Satellite equipped vehicles, to 24 hour always on fax lines to state of the art dual tray auto duplex laser printers to constant communication text messaging; our technology says "reliability": 35 page per minute, dual tray, auto duplex laser printer with 22 page per minute and 16 page per minute back up printers for complete email document printing reliability Separate computer systems on a wireless LAN that insures continuity of work flow should one system fail 24 hour always on fax lines 24/7 availability; we don't sleep if a client is in need of our services GPS Satellite equipped vehicles with "real time" traffic monitoring means we don't get lost and can avoid traffic jams as they occur in real time So there you have it. We've tried to share a little bit about Relevance with you on this page and hope that we have answered most of your questions. Most of all we hope we have made it easier for you to pick up the phone and call us the next time you need Mobile Notary Services. Or, at the very least that you will go to the "Come Visit" page of this site and complete the form and request that someone from Relevance stop by your office to say hello. In the end, business all comes down to relationships; why not start a productive, mutually beneficial one today?


At Relevance, all of our fees are based on the time involved to complete your signing. We charge a fair price for the work involved and most clients find our charges to be quite reasonable. Our fees are posted on our Rates page.For repeat clients, a fee schedule can be arranged so that you will know in advance what our charge will be. This makes life easier if you are rebilling clients. We also offer discounts for high use, repeat clients. Please inquire at 310-869-4240 or dbonner@relevancefirst.com for exact pricing information.For complete information about everything Relevance, please visit http://www.relevancefirst.com/ Rest assured, we WILL NOT break the bank!
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