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This has been a year in transition for everyone....

The Buyer has never faced a better market before. The selection of homes is far larger and superior to what has been in the past. There are incentives on New Builder Homes; Interest rates are VERY reasonable; Sellers are paying closing costs, HOA fees, you name it, to entice buyers.  The Mortgage market has been forced to tighten its reigns a little but the advantage to that is, simply put, if you are NOT in the position to purchase a home right now - you SHOULD wait. Too many people bought the wrong house with the wrong mortgage at the wrong time a few years ago and the ENTIRE MARKET is paying the price. If you think you are ready to buy or move up, or even if you just want information on the area, please call me. If you don't call me, please be sure you call a REALTOR or better yet an ABR (Accredited Buyer's Representative) -That's me- to help guide you through the thousands of homes, hundreds of mortgages, and dozens of forms you will need to know about to make the best personal decision possible. 

The Seller  has many possible motivations to sell a home today....

Some Sellers need to relocate due to jobs or changes in family situations. These people are best served by A REALTOR who has a strong network that can help them not only sell their home, but coordinate with a trusted colleague in the area in which they are relocating to coordinate a smooth transition from one area to another.  Nothing is harder than trying to buy a home in an area that is sight unseen, and not knowing who to trust to find you the best home in your new location to meet the needs and desires of you and your family.  A good rule of thumb is that if you have a REALTOR HERE that you feel is acting TOTALLY in your best interest, they have probably alligned themselves with like REALTORS in other locations. REALTORS are like everyone else, they move in circles of other REALTORS who share their values.

Some Sellers want to move up or move down in size or neighborhood. Life is ever changing. Our families and our needs grow and shrink (and sometimes grow again).  I will tell you truthfully that if you bought your home in the last 2 to 3 years, there is a chance that you MAY not sell it for much more than you paid for it. This scares a lot of people who are otherwise ready to make a change into holding on to a home that no longer meets your needs. Unfortunately, a lot of people listen to the media (when is the last time you heard good news two nights in a row) who is famous for propagting GLOOM AND DOOM. Frankly, it sells more papers. Personal experience allows me to tell you that given a balanced story, the writer and the editor will dismiss or minimize the good side nine times out of ten. the truth is that it's Apples for Apples and always has been in the housing market.  If you are moving up and you accept $10,000 less than YOU think your house it worth today, what do you think you are going to turn around and do?  Pay $15,000 leass on the house ypu want!  You will have lower taxes, less closing costs, lower commissions and a better mortgage rate than if you waited!  THAT'S THE TRUTH!  What a "move up" client needs is a REALTOR with powerful Marketing and Negotiating skills. With 26,000+ homes to compete against, they must be firm in what it will take to sell your home, honest with you so that you price your home right the FIRST time and ready to use the technology available to give the greatest exposure to your home. When you get an offer on your home and are ready to make an offer on your NEXT home, you need a top notch negotiator who will keep your overall goals in mind. You need someone with the resources and support team to coordinate a smooth transition from your present to YOUR future.

Some Sellers just can't hold on any longer.  Sadly, a lot of Sellers are motivated by the fact that they piad top dollar at the height of the market, went with an adjustable ARM or an Interest only loan product and are facing HUGE payment increases that they can't make. They can't refinance because the home simply will not appraise and the equity is not there. These are today's pre-forclosures and they represent a large number of area home owners.  If you feel there is no way to hold out until the index rises so that a new mortgage can be arranged then you, most of all, NEED to call a REALTOR.  They will become your mediator with the loan institution and help you to market your home to the right buyers and investors to get your home sold BEFORE the bank forecloses and your credit is ruined.


The Real Estate Market today is a New Baby.  As the market changes and YOU change the way YOU buy and sell, I HAVE TO CHANGE TOO! It's time for REALTORS to step up and realize that the "old" way just won't work any more. You can't shove a sign in the yard, an ad in the Sentinel and expect the phone to ring.  85% of home buyers begin the home search on the internet. Your Realtor as well as your home, needs a presence in this new market.  We are a society of visual stimulation, short attention spans and such a wealth of choices that YOUR home has to STAND OUT!  That's your REALTOR's job. People protect their privacy and prefer to "Just Look" before they invite a professional "SALESPERSON" to invade their privacy. Your REALTOR has to give them that in the form of Professional websites, 800 numbers, Attractive flyers, to make them want to make that call and get inside your home.

I have spent hundreds of hours this year alone, learning how to get "them" to you".  With resource like "You Tube" and "Blogcasts" and "1-800 Call Capturing" as well as muliple URL's (web addresses) designed to drive potential sellers to your home. You can feel comfortable that you are recieving maximum exposure for your home. When you Price your Home right, give Adequate Incentive to both the buyer and his/her representative, Stage your home Attractively, and Market your home Effectively, IT WILL SELL.    CALL ME, I CAN HELP YOU......


I am a Dedicated and Passionate Real Estate Professional exclusively serving the needs of the residents (present and future) of Altamonte Springs, Florida. Call me if I can help YOU!