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David Castle
David Castle, Broker Associate Jim Maloof Realtor
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Get to Know David Castle

Hello, my name is David Castle, and I am a multi-million dollar producer in real estate.  I currently have several listings I am working on.  I am not afraid of open houses, work, or keeping my cell phone on for my clients!!  I am also very interested in my client's needs: such as getting the house of their dreams for them at the cheapest price, or selling their home fast--with the best return!

One thing I really enjoy in this business is that I get to meet people, get to know them and make friends with them.  I really love having a network going on at all times, and enjoy it most when my clients benefit from my advice and help.  Real estate has not only led me to buyers and sellers of homes, but to other realtors, home stagers, loan officers and home inspectors.  These people have great knowledge and have helped to lead me to greater heights in my career.  In turn, they have become my friends and have been awarded my business as well as my client's business.  I respect those who are willing to work, putting the thought of making money aside to concern themselves with the client's needs.  I believe that if I help others and put that first in my career, the financial rewards will certainly follow.  I like to make myself totally available to my clients, as well as other professionals in my career, at all times. 

Integrity is vital to my business.  I believe in doing unto others as I would want them to do unto me.  Ever so often, that "little voice" inside will let me know if I could do something better, and I learn from it!  I have learned a long time ago that complete honesty is the best and only way--I believe God respects that in me.  Making mistakes is human, for certain, but being up front with people shows that I am real with them.  I also realize what a disappointment it is when I expect a return phone call from someone and never receive it.  Putting myself in the shoes of my clients means I make every effort to return that call--even if it is an inconvenient call!  This is part of excellent customer service, something I learned while working all those years as a waiter at Denny's! 

When I first got into this business, I realized that there were many, many other realtors who had much more experience than I did.  That's when I decided to pray and ask God to give me a reason to do real estate.  I was given the answer--"to help people".  That's it--if all I did were to help someone, even at my expense, I did my job.  Like I said before, I must be willing to put the financial concerns for myself aside and concern myself with the client at hand's needs first.


Buyer and Seller specialist, have access to broker price opinion, market price and pricing specialist.  Tax informationalist available.


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