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Cynthia Sloop
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Do you remember playing Monopoly as a child?  It always seemed if you could get the properties Boardwalk and Park Place you were more likely to win the game.  Fortunately, we were playing with "play money" and there was always tomorrow if you didn't win today. As most of you know, the real estate market is being challenged by bank foreclosures, jobs lost, and a struggling economy.  It's important to keep a pulse to what's happening.  While I may not be providing mortgages or practicing real estate, I do keep a watchful eye.  I guess it's in my blood. I grew up on the east-side of Detroit and lived in the Metro Area until 1998. From the big city I moved to a small town in Michigan, where the family's farm was located.  For several years I enjoyed restoring and updating the 1892 built house.  In 2004, I sold the farmhouse and property to get a newer home with less property to keep up. (100 year old farm houses do have their quirks.)  A year later, a move to Indy was made.  My husband and I came here to be closer to his family and in hopes of staying in the Mortgage Industry/Real Estate.  Unfortunately, as the market worsened, we both branched out into other jobs. I'm fortunate to have my mortgage and real estate experience.  Understanding finances would help me with creating and maintaining budgets and my working with Developers, Builders, Contractors, Insurance Agents, Title Companies and Government Agencies would be an excellent foundation for becoming a Community Association Manager. 





Today we have Planned Communities for Condos, Cooperatives and Single Family Housing and generally, theses communities have a Homeowners Association (HOA) in place to oversee the normal operations of the planned community.    These Community Associations are composed of different groups of people working together to create an end result.  If you are on the Board of Directors for your community and would like to learn more, please visit for information.  If you are thinking of hiring a management company and would like to know more about the company I work for and the services we offer, please email me at


   Code of Ethics (per my company) •1.     We will make sure that all employees who provide management services to clients are properly licensed and  trainedfor their work. •2.     We will be governed by principles of honesty and courtesy in all our dealings. •3.     We will use our best efforts to assure continuing education for all management service personnel and support staff. •4.     We will not make disparaging comments to potential clients about our competitors. •5.     We will fully divulge our business interests in securing any contract for service and will not use our management services to refer business to any ancillary business without complete disclosure to our clients. •6.     We will quote an honest fee for management services and assure the ability to perform such services. •7.     We will keep all books and records in good order as required and make them available for inspection in accordance with applicable statutes and our client's policies. •8.     We will not seek to steal competition clients through hiring their personnel. •9.     We will keep our clients informed of all changes in Federal, State or local laws which are applicable to their operations. •10.   We will not condone any dishonesty, kickbacks or duplicity in the performance of our duty to our clients.