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Our Mission at Craigstours is to revolutionize the home buying experience, while saving everyone time and money.  We are a professional real estate video tour marketing company, with a focus on premium luxury listings.  With the ability to experience a high definition, full motion video tour of the property, we allow the buyer/tenant to closely view the details, and get a feel for the size and space of the home before they choose to see it in person. By watching a video tour and not just looking at photos, they are able to understand the property inside and out, and possibly make a connection before visiting the property in person; thus having saved you time.

Craigstours provides a simple service that connects perspective buyers/tenants with real estate agents in an easy to use sensible way. Searching for a place to live can be frustrating and challenging, especially after viewing multiple properties and seeing dozens of photos online.  You then make appointments and go from place to place, just to realize as soon as you step through the door that it’s not what you are looking for; thus having wasted your time.


A professional videographer will come to your location and record a high definition video tour of the property. They will capture all the necessary video while showcasing the fine details of the home.  Within 72hrs the footage is edited  and set to  background music that complements the style of the home. Your video will be embedded in a Personal Property Page™ hosted on  This is where your video, photos, and all the information will go. To get your page maximum exposure, we promote it through various networks and channels, for the entire life of the listing.  A better informed buyer, is a  more qualified buyer!


Craigstours creates HD full motion video tours of premium real estate properties.  We build you a Personal Property Page™ hosted on and provide Lifetime Marketing.