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Sylvia Williams
location_on Elk Grove, CA — Reverse Mortgage Consultant
Get to Know Sylvia Williams
Great News!  You can now get a reverse mortgage without the downside of the exorbitant fees.  The program is called the HECM Saver.  I would be happy to do an analysis to determine if the HECM Saver is a good fit for you or for someone you know. Real Estate Professionals:  Please read my Blog about using a reverse mortgage for purchase.  If you have clients over 62, it might be the perfect solution for them!   

I have a unique combination of a background in teaching and education, along with eight years of experience helping senior homeowners with reverse mortgages.  My teaching background includes first grade teacher in the public schools and college professor at Utah State University where I earned my Doctorate in Education. 

I bring my teaching experience to my job as a reverse mortgage consultant.  My focus is on educating the borrower and their family about the reverse mortgage so that they can make an informed decision. 

I believe that I cannot make a recommendation to the borrower until I have a thorough understanding of their unique situation and what their goals are.  This takes time.  It is a process I take my clients through so that if they decide to move forward with the reverse mortgage, they have all the facts and know exactly what they are doing. 

Too often, the reverse mortgage is not considered in the context of the entire financial and life-style picture which leads to unfortunate consequences down the road.  I strongly urge my clients to get a financial planner's perspective before transacting a reverse mortgage.  


"Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice" My core value in working with clients is that before I can propose a solution, I must deeply understand their situation.