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Carol Meeks
Carol Meeks, Mortgage Advisor
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Get to Know Carol Meeks

When Carol is working your deal, you will feel like you have tapped into a creative force of nature!  She will very quickly connect with your Buyers, making them feel an extra level of confidence that they have the best team out there working on their behalf!  

In addition to her mortgage carreer, Carol is also a professional Jewelry Artist, working in Sterling Silver, found objects, and semi precious stones.  Her pieces are one of a kind and individually fabricated.  Each piece poses its own unique puzzle in how to fit those various complex components together in a way that they will "stick" and become an archival wearable work of art.  This experience keeps her mind in tune to making other complexities "stick" and stay together as well.......Your next deal, for instance!

Your clients will also connect with her strong sense of values.  Family, friends, community.  Carol is a wife, a mother, a Nanna, a long time friend, a new friend, an animal lover.  She values her reletionships more than gold.  She shows up for her people, and is generous with her time and care when they need her!

Teaching is also a very natural extension of Carol's personality.  She teaches CE Clock hours classes.  She teaches WSHFC Home Advantage seminars.  She teaches metalsmithing.  She teaches each new buyer about the home buying process, intuitively adapting to how much information is enough based on their individual need to know.


Carol offers Clock Hours Classes tor realtors.  Got a birthday coming up?  Better call!

Carol's got a diverse palette of loan products, both through her fully underwritten and funded in house line up; Conventional, VA, FHA, USDA, homeowner Advantage, jumbo & HARP, as well as brokered specialties; manufactured homes on land, and rehab loans for distressed properties.

Among her favorites though are First time Homebuyers. "It is very gratifying to help people get into their first home. It puts a smile on my face!".  It has been said by her Realtors that "Carol can pull the money to cover closing costs out of her B#**!".  While this statement is not categorically true, when asked, Carol responds with a smile, "Ve have our Vays!"

Carol also loves to assist those folks who got caught in the bubble get positioned to be back in the market.  "They deserve to feel like someone cares enough to lay out a plan to help them heal their credit scores and get them back into home ownership as early as possible!".  

Of course everyone loves those nice large ticket, perfect credit profile, easy breezy deals, but when the daydream ends, most transactions  today are complicated!  With a complicated transaction, having a mind that thrives on "the puzzle" is a boon!  Having a Mortgage Advisor that makes it fun as well?  Priceless!


Specializing in understanding real people and meeting their mortgage needs since 2001. Carol has an earthy, funny communication style, making clients feel at home and confident about the process.