Chris Scibelli (Keller Williams Realty)
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Owner/Broker of Keller Williams Realty for Orange County operations in Central Valley and Goshen. Director of Business Development specializing in Commercial, Land Development, training & consulting

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Celebrating my 30th year in Real Estate, I've seen a few cycles.  The experience my clients have is an honest & sincere attitude to buying and selling their properties.  My method is more consulting rather than selling.  My strategy is to create a client for life, assisting in all real estate endeavors in your future.  To create wealth is to accumulate real property over time.  It has remained the most stable investment vehicle throughout time.  With real estate you create leverage that gives you the opportunity to pursue other interests & investments.  My job it to help you create that wealth and make the process as painless and simple as possible. 

This year is especially exciting as I lead our Realtor Association as President.  I strongly believe that involvement in your professional organization is vital to growing yourself as an individual and sharing ideas with your colleagues.  Together we all achieve more personally and professionally.

I focus on growing my business every day by surrounding myself with talented partners, rewarding those who support our team of experts and offering opportunities on every level.  Keller Williams is the only company that treats its associates as partners and rewards all levels of production and management.  It's an exciting place to work and an exciting model to excel your business.  As a professional business consultant, it's my job to help you grow and be the best that you can be.

I can boast over 150 professionals working in our Keller Williams family in Orange County.  Many new and exciting things will happen this year as we continue to build our futures together.  Our training seminars are open to all professionals and they happen every day in each market center.  Learn more about us and we'll show you the path of success.




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Real Estate Broker since 1990, licensed since 1977.

BBA from Pace University, 1982.  Owned & Operated several retail businesses, multi-family management in NYCity, land development, commercial broker specializing in site selection to construction specs with full access to engineers, architects, legal representation, accounting services, planners and investors.

Business Brokerage, rental properties and retail leasing experience.



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