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Chicago Homes

When you need a new home you really don't care as much about the economy as some would like for you to. After all, if you have been transferred with your company, had a change in lifestyle or the number of household members all you care about is how to qualify to purchase a home. There are many changes which have happened in the mortgage industry over the last several months and only a well trained and experienced loan officer can help you find and qualify for the best mortgage at the best interest rates for you. Here in Chicago it is no different than anywhere else. If you are searching the "homes for sale" sections but need to know "can I qualify for a mortgage" then the first stop really should be a trusted, Chicago mortgages professional you can trust.

Apply for a mortgage online

The internet has made things so easy has it not? Today we can shop for Chicago homes listings online, get a fast mortgage rate quote, find "the lowest interest rates", and even spply for a home loan online. Is this a safe practice? Yes and no. Some home loan sites are simply lead services and they don't actually make home loans in Chicago or anywhere else. All they do is get you to apply online then sell your information to a dozen banks and loan officers. For this reason it is very important that you place your online mortgage application with Chris Jones. Not only is Chris the actual loan officer but he is based right here in Chicago and knows as much about mortgages and home loans for Chicago real estate as anyone you will meet.

What is the interest rate?

Another great reason to trust Chris is related to the above. You see those companies that do not have to stand behind what they print offer the "guaranteed lowest rates on home loans" then advertise interest rates so low no mortgage company can touch them. This is simply a trick to get you to apply online. When you apply with Chris it's not that way. He will give you the best real mortgage rate quote based on some facts he learns about you in a very short interview. You can apply online, apply over the phone or contact Chris for the best way for you to communicate. Remember, he's in Chicago but this is a large city so you can still use the other methods to make your home loan application. He will give you an accurate estimate of your closing costs, your interest rate and answer all of your other questions with integrity and honor.


About Me

I am currently a Mortage Loan Officer at NEXA Mortgage, LLC.

I started my banking career in 1998 when I joined a Community Bank in the Chicagoland area.  After four years, part of which were spent managing a branch location originating home equity loans and auto loans, I became a Licensed Registered Representative after completing my Series 7, and an Illinois Insurance Producer.  Always passionate in real estate, I decided to focus on mortgages full time in 2002.  After cementing strong and lasting relationships in 2003, four friends and I started a mortgage company in Oak Park, Illinois.  A graduate of Fenwick High School and growing up in neighboring Forest Park, I spent 4 years comanaging a team of loan officers and processors and growing a business.  I partnered with NEXA Mortgage, LLC; a nationally recognized company in mortgage circles and one of the largest mortgage brokers in the country. 

I achieved the designation of Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist (CRMS) in 2009; a designation given to less than 100 loan officers in Illinois and less than 1000 loan officers nationwide.  


Areas of Specialty Include:


First Time Home Buyers Investors and move up Buyers FHA Home Loans VA Home Loans Jumbo Home Loans Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Home Affordable Refinance Plan Loans (HARP) Renovation Loans, including FHA 203k, the Fannie Mae HomePath, and Fannie Mae Home Style Fannie Mae HomePath FHA with scores less than 500 score Mortgage Planning




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Chicago Mortgage Information

You may have heard talk about the economy not being exactly what it should be. Well, there's an interesting thing that happens in the mortgage industry when the economy is like today: mortgage rates generally start to decline. Nothing could be more true than this today and the way it affects large cities like Chicago is perfect for someone wanting to look at new homes for sale. The reason times like these, with the lowest mortgage rates, affect major cities like Chicago is because of the vast selection of homes for sale and the number of qualified buyers. The fact is there are more Chicagoland homes for sale than there are home loan qualified buyers and that makes this a great time for anyone who can get a mortgage to achieve the best deal possible.

How to qualify for a mortgage

To answer the question, "am I qualified for a mortgage" is one of the easiest steps. It generally involves a short mortgage application, a precursory examination of your credit, income and assets, a determination of the mortgage interest rates for the day and if all is within range you can qualify for a home loan. The initial process is very quick and can be done a the mortgage loan officer's local Chicago office, through an on-line mortgage application or with a short phone conversation with your loan officer.

How do I apply for a mortgage on-line?

The safest way to apply for a home loan on-line is to go straight to the loan officer's website. Many sites that accept on-line mortgage applications are simply lead generation companies which then resell your information to a handful or even dozens of complete strangers. When you apply on line with a Chicago home loan expert like Chris Jones your information goes only to him and is not shared with or sold to others.



State of the Lending Industry


As you are most likely aware, the lending landscape has changed dramatically since I started aligning customers with mortgages 14 years ago.  Today, we face more challenging times, but where there is adversity, there is opportunity.   We have come full circle to when I started originating mortgages years ago.  We went from a full documentation world, to a world full of No DOC, NINA, SISA, SIVA, NINJA, etc loans…For those not familiar with the acronyms, these were products where if you were breathing, you most likely could qualify.  Today is different.  But it represents a HUGE opportunity for borrowers that can document their income, assets, and job history.   Home buyers and investors are scooping up properties at STEEP discounts to prices over the last several years.  To add to that, borrowing costs through historical low mortgage rates are making this the perfect time to buy or refinance your home. 

Be prepared, ask questions, and get preapproved early in the process..You may contact me at any of the methods above and I would be happy to see what I can do for you.  

Equal Housing Lender. NEXA Mortgage, LLC NMLS #1660690. I am a licensed mortgage originator, NMLS# 130813,



Chicago Agent Who's Who 2016

Mortgage Executive Magazine Top 1% Originator Award 2016








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