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Everyone on here says that Customer Service is their primary focus. If you've been in our industry long enough to earn your stripes then you know that, statistically, that's just not anything close to true. I don't know who's lying or just mistaken, but there are too many bad experiences in our industry to support a 100% claim to prioritizing Customer Care. It's my guess that many of the "professionals" on here would define customer service as getting a job done, well, and with a smile. There's nothing wrong with that. I'm learning, however, that my standards are far higher. As I closed loans,  I had more and more real estate agents wanting to partner with me.  As I switched jobs, industiries, and states, I continued to see success.  

I've worked as a mortgage originator.  I own multiple residential units.  I've managed property for other investors.  I own three restaurants and have negotiated those leases.  

With a Masters in business and Doctorate in education, let me teach you how to "Wow" your target market on a daily basis.  


Getting your name "out there" is my top priority. If you want unparalleled honesty, service, and value, then let me serve you.