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I can help you online....Call me today! Blessings!
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The real estate world is constantly evolving. Social Media Systems past clientelle includes hundreds of real estate professionals: Realtors, Brokers, Agents, vendors and media like Real Eatate Magazine. In the past (beginning in 2001) and present, we have served such names as VistaPrint, John L. Scott, Exit Realty, Prudential California Realty, RISMedia (Real Estate Magazine), RealTown, and literally thousands of others, Real Estate related and in other industries, with our advice and assistance in the areas of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). With Social Media Systems' Internet Marketing and Website Design and Video Publishing System, we can get your message on top of the world (including Google organic search) within hours; on a tiny budget (see below). 

We can use our awesome internet publishing and PR power to do this, or we can empower you in the same way that we have empowered ourselves and thousands of clients! We can get the message out for you in text and video with our amazingly powerful publishing system, or even give you the power that we have to target your marketplace from your own full-featured social media websiteand viral video campaign, by utilizing the latest in open-source and open-social software and distribution techniques:

Social Media Systems Website Design, Marketing, Search Placement


Search Engine Placement with Social Media Marketing for Realtors

If you want to launch a new idea, or build your existing business just having a website created is only one piece in the puzzle. You need a way to get your message out there and what better way than with a video to captivate your website visitors and the start of social media marketing campaign to attract new visitors and build traffic. Instead of buying each thing from different vendors you can save money and get a better end product by buying a bundled solution.

  Website Design Web Video Production Social Media Marketing   $999 Beautiful Site with a Blog         A beautiful WordPress website that allows you to change the content, and blog at will. Choose from thousands of designs and we will have a professional graphic designer custom tailor the look and feel to match your business. | more Priced Separately - $599 Simple Web Introduction Video Single Actor (or you) Introduction Video for a website HD and web ready version Professional presentation | more Priced Separately - $299 Start Getting Social About Your Business Build the beginning of your social media marketing campaign. We can help you create and manage your social profiles, make recommendations on what types of content to create, and give you an overall strategy for getting more traffic. | more Priced Separately - $149   $1999 More Elaborate Site with a Blog Do you want your website to get that extra attention? More custom graphics, more detail, plug-ins and features available? Do you want the designers and developers to spend more time and make it prettier with more capabilities? | more Priced Separately - $1299 More Elaborate Video with Graphics Single or Dual Actor Web Introduction video Graphic Design and Branding HD and web ready versions Elaborate video | more Priced Separately - $699 Social Media Marketing Launchpad More time, more profiles, more graphics, more training to get the most out of your social media presence and also use search engine optimization to increase your Google rankings and connect with your audience. | more Priced Separately - $389   $4199 Graphics, Branding and WOW Factor Do you want different parts of your site to have a different look and feel. Do you want the individual pages themselves and posts to be professionally laid out? Do you want extra functionality to be added to the site so you can do more than just blog, or maybe you want a custom designed blog where a unique look in the entire world | more Priced Separately - $2699         Graphics, Branding and WOW Factor Single or Dual Actor Web Introduction video Graphic Design and Branding HD and web ready version Commercial with lots of cuts | more Priced Separately - $1999         Spread Your Message Everywhere Submitting and link building on the top[ 100 identified social media sites for your industry. PR and blog marketing blast to get your more readers or subscribers and an optional customized weekly campaign to grow your business. | more Priced Separately - $1230   $custom Custom Development and Design Want to build the next site that does X? The next social media hit story? A site that could scale to millions of users and do custom features and functionality that no other website has? We've build custom applications for financial institutions, sperm banks, and idea networks. Take to us about how we can use Drupal or Wordpress to create that new .com hit story using rapid application development. Custom Movie or Documentary         Single or series of videos Cast multiple actors and acquire scene locations We use collaborative talent sources for the highest quality and lowest cost (learn more in our FAQ). | more Custom Viral Campaign         What are you looking to accomplish? We can use our extensive network of traffic, sites brands and expertise to promote you and help your message spread like a virus across the internet. | more   Why don't I see large spec sheets and how do I buy? We give you the convenience of browsing by package and the choice and flexibility of a custom tailored solution at the same time. Our professional and experienced staff will work with you get the right solution and features for your needs. Browse the packages and the examples above, then fill out the form or call toll free. Our packages can be customized to fit your needs and everything is solved with a 1 page simple contract that will include exactly what you need to get up and going. We customize the package for you, contact us and we'll go through it together step by step.

All Bundles include:

A state-of-the-art website with a content management system which allows you to edit all content at will, *customized to fit your taste, bundled with hosting, upgrades, ongoing support, and ongoing promotional services, which include: *Migration of your old static site for free Customization of graphics to match your business, targeted community,template or existing website Choose your look from thousands of existing templates Online business strategy and advice Expert on-site search engine optimization (site architecture) Keyword / Competitive Research Setup of optimized RSS feeds syndication from your site Syndication and submission of RSS feed to directories, search engines, aggregates, and on-topic websites Article marketing - we will edit and distribute two professional articles about your company and submit ( post) these online (on authority and high-ranking sites) with optimized links back to your website. This will bring some immediate traffic and build links utilizing our existing web presence, which will in turn raise search engine rankings Analysis - we will setup Google Analytic for detailed reporting on your visitors' activities Custom domain name registration and/or domain name transfer/hosting included Hosting with a full Control Panel that allows for one-step creation of unlimited e-mail addresses, parked domains and more Premium Group for three years, integrated on the web-page level, with all these features:


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Bundled Social Media Marketing and Website Design Services for Real Estate professionals of all diciplines, and Realtors: SEO, SMO, SEM




Nobody is more qualified to assist you with your internet advertising needs, videos, social media marketing, and website design and publishing than us: the proof is ‘in the pudding' just ask Google: We are the number one social media advertising agency in the world according to Google organic search; out of about 199,000,000 documents that contain those words: why deal with anyone else?  Israel Rothman, 805-827-2450 real estate social media marketing Google Search real estate social media website design Google Search realtor smo Google Search internet advertising consultant Google Search real estate social media advertising Google Search social media advertising agency That's right!  We are the number one social media advertising agency in the world according to Google organic search, why deal with anybody else?! My personal cell: Israel Rothman 805-827-2450  

  Our new living e-Book is now live: learn everything you need to know to have a succesful website for free!

1. What do I do first? 2. Why are you doing this? 3. What angle, hooks or content make you unique? 4. How passionate are you about the topic? 5. Time and Money 6. Budgets and possibilities: what is your budget for the website? 7. Basic Content 8. Example articles and posts with author bios for illustration purposes: 9. What type of website do you want? 10. Features, features, features 11. The Programming and Software behind your website 12. What should you build your website with? 13. Which Content Management System (CMS) should I use? 14. Should I choose an open source or closed source website CMS? 15. Wordpress Website CMS Overview 16. Wordpress CMS Recommendations 17. Wordpress CMS Limitations and Cons 18. Drupal Open Source CMS Overview 19. Drupal CMS Pros and Cons 20. Joomla Open Source CMS Overview compared to Drupal 21. Wordpress MU CMS Overview 22. BuddyPress Social Networking CMS from Wordpress 23. Pligg Social News and Voting CMS 24. When is a proprietary CMS system a good choice? 25. Custom Development and Ruby on Rails 26. Ruby on Rails Web Development Pros and Cons 27. Website Hosting Needs 28. Website Growth, Hosting Features and Scalability 29. Tips for getting better hosting support results using the ticket system 30. Managed or Premium Support Hosting Upgrades 31. What server software should your host run? 32. Specific Hosts I recommend and for what: 33. Graphics and Visual Design Basics 34. Custom Themes and Stretching Your Graphic Design Budget 35. Examples o


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