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I'm your average Joe with an extraordinary story. I grew up in New England, Massachusetts to be specific. I went to college at a small university in New Mexico. At Eastern New Mexico University, I studied Broadcast journalism. I liked college so much, I took the extended 5 year tour. During my studies at EMNU, I was a Reporter, and Evening News, Associate Producer. My major claim to fame during that time in my life was having produced an interview with Vice President, Dan Quayle, one of our countries more obscure political figures, and Heidi Collins, now of CNN News.

After graduation, I hopped in my old, beat up Audi 5000, and drove to Alaska, where I spent the summer living in a shack, working at a cannery, squeegeeing six inches of fish guts, and bloody red water down the drain for 12-14-16 hours at a time. And that was considered a good job. What did I learn there??? Some jobs stink, but if you do it with a smile, and have a good sense of humor about it, you gain some humility, a good work ethic, and make a few friends along the way.

In 1993, I moved to Denver, Colorado, and worked for a newspaper for a couple of years, and a week after buying my first home, I came into work one day to find out I had been laid off with 20 percent of the staff. So what did I do, I got my real estate license, and started selling 2-4 unit investment properties, as well as working with Investors who did fix and flips. Eventually, I began to indulge in some investing myself.

I spent the majority of my real estate career in Denver as one of Coldwell Banker's  Top 100 Brokers. And I got there because I was willing to work with anyone, no matter how much or little they had to spend, and without regard to how expensive or cheap my seller's homes were. I am the definition of equal opportunity.  In fact, I currently hold the record for the lowest priced listing sold in Allegheny County; $499.00. Most wouldn't brag about this, but I do because I think it drives home the reality that I will do what it takes, and I am not faint of heart!

 My first house, I bought for $38,000, and sold it 8 years later for $255,000, after dropping about 50k into it. My second home, I paid $220,000 for, and it was a mess. After throwing 80k at that house, I sold it two years later for $455,000. Both houses sold inside of two weeks. Not bad, hugh? It's amazing what some good design, a little staging, and a whole lot of marketing will do for a house.

In 2005, I decided to take some time off and do some world travel and write. I moved to Prague in the Czech Republic. I lived there for six months, and traveled about Europe, visiting Austria, England, Holland, Germany, and Iceland. I then moved to Brazil, or Brasil, as the Brazilians say. I filmed a documentary on the street kids of Brazil while there, and found myself grounded that much further by what I saw during my time there.

In 2006, I moved back to "The States" and settled in North Carolina, where I managed a construction company, did design consultation, and did fix and flips. I lived there for a year and a half, and then saw the promise of the Pittsburgh real estate market. Tired of doing the fix and flip thing, I went back to selling real estate, but really saw the benefit of working with Asset Management Companies, selling Bank Owned Properties. The market here, contrary to other markets, is booming. There's such opportunity, and the houses might as well be free. I love a good value, and find a great deal of excitement in getting my buyers a great deal, and my sellers top dollar for their properties.

While real estate pays my bills, and is a career I enjoy, and have for the past 15 years, my real passion is acting. I have been in several films, and have done some television and commercial work too. Someday, you may find yourself watching a film, or television show, and saying to whomever is watching it with you, "THAT'S MY REALTOR!"



SQUIRREL HILL                                               REALLY, YOU NAME THE SHADYSIDE                                                      AREA, AND IF IT'S LAWRENCEVILLE                                              WITHIN 30 MINUTES BLOOMFIELD                                                    OF MY OFFICE, I'LL GO HIGHLAND PARK                                              THERE, AND GET THE JOB FRIENDSHIP                                                     DONE!!! MORNINGSIDE MEXICAN WAR STREETS NORTHSIDE                           NORTH HILLS                                                   BE IT BUYING, OR SELLING, PENN HILLS                                                       FAIR MARKET PROPERTIES, OBSERVATORY HILL                                        HUD'S, FORECLOSURES, VERONA                                                              REO PROPERTIES, OAKLAND                                                           INVESTOR PROPERTIES, OR THE HILL DISTRICT                                        PLANNING YOUR SPRING HILL                                                     RELOCATION TO OUR FAIR TROY HILL                                                         CITY OF PITTSBURGH, CALL RESERVE TWP                                                    ME FOR THE GOOD, THE BAD MOON TWP                                                         AND THE UGLY! CARNEGIE WHITEHALL SOUTHSIDE HAZELWOOD                                                     I WORK HARD FOR ALL MY HOMESTEAD                                                      CLIENTS ALL THE TIME. WILKINSBURG                                                  MY HONESTY, AND CANDOR CHURCHILL                                                        HAS EARNED ME THE EAST LIBERTY                                                   REPUTATION OF BEING A BLACKRIDGE                                                      STRAIGHT SHOOTER! CRANBERRY                                                                                

Pittsburgh REO Agent, Specializing in Marketing Bank Owned Assets, and Buyer Agency Representation on REO Properties, as well as Fair Market Properties. FORECLOSURE IS MY GAME!!!