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Cecilia Staniec
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Get to Know Cecilia Staniec

Cecilia's interest and ultimate love of design began in college-level art and color theory classes.  After graduating, Cecilia found herself designing and decorating for friends, neighbors and colleagues.  The hands-on design experience convinced Cecilia that owning her own design company was a must.....and A Darling Room was born. 

In addition to her training, Cecilia owned six homes in the last decade.  Each home was unique in architecture and age and each home presented very different sets of design dilemmas.  Cecilia's design experience with each of these homes further developed her understanding of "re-design" and spatial concepts and cemented her keen sense of style.

Cecilia's approach to everyday design is apparent in A Darling Room's motto, "Turning houses into beautiful homes".  Enhancing the beauty and function of a home is always the goal.  For Cecilia, the perfect design comes from a good eye AND a good ear.  "A designer's ability to hear the client's desires is as important as their ability to foresee the future needs of the client.  Great design should be forward-thinking and should always provide people with a comfortable, happy and inspiring home", she says.

Cecilia serves as the principle designer for a darling room and personally oversees every design project.  Her design knowledge and friendly nature instill confidence in her clients.  Ultimately most of Cecilia's clients also become good friends.  Those friends come back to Cecilia again and again for new design ideas and inspiration.  Cecilia says, "Not only do I give people a home that they love, I'm able to develop relationships that turn clients into friends."   


Whatever your decorative style, a darling room can transform your home into a lovely retreat.  We have the ability to start from scratch with a new design or utilize the furniture and accessories you already have to create an attractive and functional space.  Creating these beautiful new spaces doesn't have to cost a fortune either!  We can work with any range of budgets.  Our goal is to give you the best dressed home on the block!  Let A Darling Room turn your house into a beautiful home.......

We include a broad range of design services for our clients including Interior Design and Redesign, Home Staging, Home Organization, Textiles, Paint Color Selection and Holiday Decorating.  We also provide services that are beneficial to clients who are preparing for or already in the process of moving.  These services include assistance with Moving as well as Open House Preparations.




A Darling Room is an interior design & home staging business dedicated to turning houses into beautiful homes! We offer a range of services including design, staging, organization, & paint selection.