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Gary and Sally Haslett
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Get to Know Gary and Sally Haslett

Gary is a former educator, with 25 years experience as a principal at all levels. He was very active in athletics and academics  and served on the the state principal and Athletic Director Boards for several year in Washington. Sally was a junior high science/health and PE teacher. She had a 110 game winning streak with her junior high girls basketball teams. Gary and Sally coached high school girls basketball for several years. We have five children - all college graduates - and 14 grandchildren in 4 different states.

During our educational careers, we were both known for our note and letter writing. Gary wrote notes each day to teachers, kids and parents.  Sally wrote notes and letters to someone almost  each day.  Keeping in positive touch with family and friends has always been a priority.

We live in Saddlebrooke. Our passion is Send Out Cards, entertaining , traveling and doing fun things with people .  Gary especially loves sports and Sally enjoys crafts and decorating. Both of us have become devout UofA fans, except Gary holds out for UW in football and Sally has a soft spot for WSU since our daughter played basketball for them (PAC 10 leading scorer in 1996). Most our time is spent with Send Out Cards. We really enjoy sending special cards to people.


Our expertise is in working with people. That is what we did for 30 years. We like people and enjoy sharing Send Out Cards with them. We can help realtors, other salespeople and small business owners increase customer loyalty and referral by using Send Out Cards properly. We teach people to be level 4 senders of cards. When you are level 4 with something, you just do it without thinking - like brushing your teeth in the morning. You just do it.  When a person is a level 4 sender of cards (Send Out Cards makes it easy and affordable to do so) they send cards each day to people to keep in touch, make them feel better, share a victory or console in defeat. 

There are many people who are distributors of Send Out Cards in name only because they bought the package that allowed them to get money for referrals, even though it is really not their business. That is great for them and we tell all our prospective customers that they should do the same. The BIG difference is that we are full time, professional Send Out Card distributors. We are exerts at what we do and have no other business.  We will give you the time, energy and expertise necessary to help you become level 4 senders of cards, not some person who spent some money on a system and then left it because they had no help getting started.  We are among the the leaders of the Send Out Card international sales system and keep current on all new innovations.  We make a concerted effort to make sure anyone who is a customer associated with us gets the best service and help possible.


SOC is our full time business. We love what we do. Let us show you how to make your present clients feel appreciated, increase loyalty and create more referrals. Personal training and coaching.