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Bob Sztapka
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Get to Know Bob Sztapka

I am a Senior Mortgage Planner focused on helping you achieve financial security through wealth creation. That means I show you how to make the most out of your mortgage so your money is working for your home, your family and your lifestyle.

I will review your entire financial situation and explain to you how it can be impacted by the mortgage you choose. As an experienced mortgage professional working with a team of bankers, I can provide you with solid insight and service for all of your financial needs.

The personal side of my business means that I am committed to working side-by-side with you. Listening to you, helping you understand the process, and celebrating when you reach your goals.

Taking you from the wishing well to wealth


With 10+ years of experience, I have learned to focus on Wealth Creation for families. This proven pocess shows families, of all backgrounds, how to get from throwing pennies in the wishing-well to living their dreams. I understand the market and spend quality time coaching families on how a properly structured mortgage can help them build wealth.

I am committed to raising my client's financial IQ I teach my clients how money works I coach my clients to view their mortgage as a tax deductible financial tool I explain the benefits of a properly structured mortgage

I believe my clients are "Clients for Life"


As your Senior Mortgage Planner, I focus on Wealth Creation by establishing a sound financial strategy that takes into consideration your mortgage, investments, and retirement plans