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110 S. Willow St. suite 105

Kenai , AK 99611

I love Alaska, no matter where I go even though I've lived here most of my life, there are always new and wonderful sites to see. Let me help you find your "Unique Impression of Alaska"

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I've lived in Alaska almost my entire life, from Anchorage to Valdez from Valdez to Fairbanks and all over the Kenai.  I worked in the tourist industry for many years then in Property management then got my degree in education, Alaskan Native history, and anthropology. I travel as if I'm a tourist because that is what it's all about, capturing the place the tourist is looking to find, once they find that place they become a resident because they just can't beat the beauty and wonder of Alaska. I love the outdoors and I really think I have a gift for vacant land. I enjoy scuba diving, water skiing, boating, fishing and just taking a walk on the beach so when I look for property for someone I 'm looking for what may attract them the way certain lands attract me. I'm good with carpentry and construction because my husband, my children and I built our home from the ground up with a Lot of help from our friends in the construction field. I look for quality in construction and I look for flaws and things to check on a home so the buyer is prepared for any problem areas. I use the net as much as possible for advertising because I know just how fast things have changed, I worked on one of the first computers, where you had to key punch codes into a huge monster of a machine to get it to do anything! and I use local t.v. to keep the clients in Alaska coming back to me to see what else I've got to show.

To break it down to it's simplest terms, I'm creative, inovative, and I have the moral obligation to help people find their "Unique Impression Of Alaska"

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I know the value of land and homes in Alaska, I think my expertise is in the handling of all those details such as finding out the CCR's, for a net client who doesn't want to build in an area that requires more than 920sqft house. I take care of the paperwork, I go out and take pictures and e-mail them until the client has the full picture of the property they want to buy. I have the patience to go back and take more pictures and more until the client is satisfied. So, I'm good with vacant land, and new construction, and attention to detail.  I don't always know the answers, and I'm not always right, but, I know where to get the answers and who will have the right answer.