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Get to Know Brandon Hunter
Have you yet achieved greatness?  Les Brown an inspirational public speaker who has received the coveted golden gavel award once said, "You do not have to be great to start something....  But you do have to start something to be great."  Each one of us wakes up in the morning and makes the decision to pursue what they are good at.  Do you wake up and say I am going to achieve greatness today in what I do?  Outlook is everything!  You must pursue things with a mindset of Greatness in order to assertain Greatness.  That is what I do everyday when I go into my place of business, and I pursue that definite purpose with a desire to wow my customers and my referral partners. How do you stay motivated?  Are you motivated to work with those who sell your services to every prospect that they come in contact with.  Are you more motivated to work with someone who gets back to you no matter what the news is - good or bad! 

Do you go back to someone who consistently lets you down?  Of course you don't, or at least you shouldn't.  Sometimes we get stuck working with someone because we know them, or we've been using them for years and recently they have lost that spark that first attracted you to them.  All I need is one loan to prove to you that I am a good or bad Loan Officer.  But before I get that loan I make to you the following promises.


My Standards of Business


I promise to get back to a client with a preapproval with in 24 hours of recieving that clients information.  I promise to get back to that person that same day before 5pm if I recieve that persons information before 12am mon-fri.I promise to get back to a customer with a preapproval within 48-72 hours if the thier information is recieved sat-sun.I promise to get back to the customer by the end of business day, no matter what the news is.  Too often are realators looseing deals because the loan officer does not get back within a reasonable period of time.  And too often is the consumer put in a position of distrust with our industry because bad loan officers don't comunicate.I promise to help you grow your business by promoting you and sending you updates on what our industries are doing.  I tirelessly research every industry that I am getting referrals from and sending referrals too.  After all how can a evaluate you if I know nothing about your industry. I am motivated not because I am new in the business but because I have a definite purpose to achieve greatness.  And I pursue that purpose with a relentless desire.  I call my prospects back same day, I am upfront about the way I charge my clients, and I keep them in the program that they want to be in.  But most importantly I am achieving greatness in the profession that I have chosen and I will not let anything change that.

Brandon The Loan Star. Honesty, Integrity, Loans.