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BPO Wealth Systems will assist you in becoming a successful vendor for BPO service providers nationwide by showing you how to submit your vendor applications to all of the BPO companies and Bank REO Departments. This can be facilitated through the Internet in the comfort of your own home or in your office. We provide information and service that is unparalleled to anyone in this industry. Plain and simple, there is a huge demand for BPO providers due to the increase in Foreclosures nationwide.


What is a BPO?

Broker Price Opinion
There are a number of reasons when a professional valuation of property is desired yet a formal appraisal is not required. In these instances, a Broker Price Opinion (BPO) service is ideal.

The BPO of a residential property is conducted by a local, licensed real estate professional. The report combines information from a drive-by exterior examination, external data sources, previous sale data, property assessment data, recent comparable sales and current neighborhood listings, as well as a photograph of the subject property.

The BPO includes estimate of repairs to obtain fair market value, neighborhood information, and value estimate (90, 120, 180 day marketing time for "as is" and "as repaired" values). Photographs include subject and street scene photographs. Front photographs of all comparable sales are also available for an additional fee. This product is not an appraisal and does not include an inspection of the interior of the property.

 The BPO includes estimate of repairs to obtain fair market value, neighborhood information, and value estimate (90, 120, 180 day marketing time for "as is" and "as repaired" values). Photographs include subject and street scene photographs. Front photographs of all comparable sales are also available for an additional fee. This product is not an appraisal and does not include an inspection of the interior of the property.

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Will it cost me any money to start?

A $69 Onetime fee! 

The Banks want to pay you to provide them timely BPO Orders. Banks are in a major crisis right now. Foreclosures are at an all time high and they are losing money endlessly. They are in huge demand of qualified Real Estate Professionals who can deliver Broker Price Opinion (BPO) Orders. All you have to do is buy our BPO Power Package that will give you everything you need to start doing BPO Orders for Banks and Financial Institutions Nationwide. Within 2 weeks you will have orders racing in via Fax, Phone, and mostly via email. You will pick and choose what BPO to accept based on payout and delivery date.

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How much money will i make?

As much as you're willing to do!

BPO (Broker Price Opinion) Orders will pay between $45 and $125 per order!

There are mainly two different types of BPO's:


Interior BPO's pay anywhere from $75 to $125 depending upon the complexity, distance of the property, availability of BPO suppliers, etc.


For Exterior BPO's, they require far much less time to do, sometimes not even requiring you to go and take pictures of the property. They can be performed in as little as 30 minute. Banks usually pay out between $55 to $75 per order!

You will soon find yourself doing between 5 and 10 BPO orders per day! Lets say within 1 month you will:

We all know that with the current market, many real estate professionals are sitting on a large portfolio of listings. With the extra time you have between showings, phone calls, etc. You can be doing BPO's to supplement your income. Now let's start making some serious money >>>

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 How long will it take me to do a BPO?

Most BPO's can be completed in under an hour!

Once you have the system down, and are familiar with the process of submitting the BPO form to the Bank (All Banks have different methods, but fairly similar and simple in general regards) you will become more efficient. Soon you will be able to do several Orders simultaneously! Eventually you may even have multiple agents performing them for you, like we do!

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 I'll show you anything you need as proof!You can even call us direct to ask any questions (630)330-3701, ask for Jim Lewinski 

Click on the links below to see actual checks from Banks that I personally have received for doing BPO orders.


You will start to have payments like this coming in every week with Banks and Financial Institutions across the US!

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What am i buying from you?

Good Question!

I have been performing BPO (Broker Price Opinion) Orders for several years now. We're selling you all the valuable information that we have gathered over 3 years. We have spent countless hours refining our network and list of Banks, Financial Institutions and Asset Manager Departments who will pay the "Most" guaranteed money for BPO Orders. When you buy our package, you will receive a powerful list of confidential BPO Companies consisting of Banks, Foreclosure Departments, Financial Institutions, etc. We also have declared the back-end web sites that you will log into to perform and submit your BPO Vendor Applications.

This advanced BPO package includes over 100+ of the top BPO supplying Companies and Information. The vital part is the list of Contacts and Departments at Companies that you will provide your BPO Vendor Application to. We even give you everything you need to do this. You will also have the info to gain first hand access to start listing and selling REO, Foreclosure, Sheriff, and Short Sale Properties!!!

We will also include professional templates that will enable you to devise your resume for marketing purposes. As well as several template forms to better market yourself. This resume is the most professional way to address your services as a licensed real estate agent or broker in a competitive market. BPO Wealth Systems is providing you with these resume templates; all you need to do is alter them with your personal information.

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Are you a real estate agent, broker, or appraiser with extra time on your hands? Maybe too much time? Do you have multiple listings but nothing is moving, and buyers are time consuming? Are you new to real estate and haven’t yet been able to build a strong network of relationships?

REAL ESTATE AGENTS earn as much as $78,00 per year Part - Time completing BPO's and CMA's for Bank's Foreclosure Departments...we will show you how!



First off, we are here to help and answer any questions you may have.Please feel free to call us at (630) 330-3701 and ask for Jim


               What is a BPO?   BPO is short for Brokers Price Opinion, it is the practice of estimating the value of property or real estate. A BPO is usually 2-3 pages long and includes critical information regarding the subject property, competing properties, and comparable sales within the subject properties area by driving by the home. It is a Second Opinion of Value, or a simpler version of a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis). Any Licensed Real Estate Agent, Broker or Appraiser can perform BPO Services!   What is a REO?   REO is short for Real Estate Owned, essentially it is when banks foreclose on properties they have to take back, because mortgage payments haven't been made. The bank takes back ownership of the property to resell the property in an attempt to recover it's investment. Banks will use local real estate agents to list and sell the property for the bank. Who can perform Broker Price Opinions? An active Licensed Real Estate Agent who has their license under a Broker. A Real Estate Broker with an active Broker's License. A licensed Appraiser. Do I have to be a Broker? No, a licensed real estate salesperson qualifies to perform a BPO. Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Brokers, and Appraisers qualify to perform a BPO. Why do Banks request BPO's? Because BPO's are CHEAPER than Appraisals! A BPO is the Best and Cheapest way a bank can make a financial decision on subject properties. With Foreclosures at an ALL TIME HIGH Banks need BPO Agents Now More Than Ever, so they can liquidate assets quickly and efficiently. How much does it cost me to do BPO's? A onetime fee of $69.00 for our BPO Power Package. What "Exactly" do I need to do BPO's? You need to purchase the BPO Power package which will provide you with all of the information necessary to start doing BPO's Immediately. We have strategically Developed our BPO Package toolkit that has confidential Information and tools needed. You Will Have To Provide A List of References On Your Vendor Application You will have to complete a 1099 for each BPO Company or Bank Your Real Estate License Info The Area(s) You Are Willing to Cover by Zip Codes Errors and Omissions Insurance List of BPO Service Companies and Bank's Loss Mitigation Department Contact Info (We Provide this to you...YOU WILL NOT Find this through Banks, no one wants you to have this information, because it would create mass amounts of solicitations for services other than BPO's to these companies) How do I get paid and go about receiving checks from BPO Companies? For Real Estate Agents: In some states you will need to receive your checks from BPO companies through your employing Broker and in other states you can receive your check directly to your home office. It is always a good idea to check with your association about the laws in your state. We would suggest finding a broker that lets you get paid directly to you and lets you keep 100% of your BPO money. TIP: When the company applications ask for your company name and the tax id #, you may put your name and your social security number here if you are having the checks mailed directly to you and not your broker. Please check with your state or your broker to see if you need to be paid through your broker from BPO Companies. There have been Real Estate Professionals that have received work as early as day 3, but typically it takes a good 2 weeks to a month (results may vary). You can start receiving BPOs as soon as you sign up with the companies I am going to give you. All you will need to send the companies are a copy of your Real Estate License, a W-9 form that you can download and fax back, and the address of where you want your checks to go. What do I need to get started? A digital camera that enables you to download your photos and an up to date computer with high speed internet. What kind of money can you make weekly? You can realistically earn $1,500 - $2,500 per week or more doing Broker Price Opinions once you get established with some companies. Can I do this in my state? You can do Broker Price Opinions in any state. Each state is different and rules can change without our knowledge, so to be sure, contact the Real Estate Board in your state. Who do I contact in order to find out if the broker gets the paycheck or I can have the companies send it directly to my home? I am on 100% commission. I own my own Brokerage firm with field reps that have enabled me to perform multiple BPO’s on a daily basis. Checks are sent directly to my home. On most of the company forms you can tell them where you want your check sent. Again, check with your Broker to see if they mind you performing BPOs. There are instances where Real Estate Agents have needed to change brokers in order to find a Broker who will allow your perform BPOs and keep 100% of your BPO money. Is there liability as a Real Estate Professional for doing BPOs? Can you get sued? Most of the companies have statements on their forms that you check off stating that the BPO is an "Opinion of Value", it is not an appraisal. The banks know it is not a full appraisal. Keep in mind that you have E & O insurance coverage if you are a Broker or under a Broker. If you want to protect yourself you can take an additional step and get umbrella business liability insurance. What are you waiting for...?     

Our website provides direct access to banks and lenders you will sign up with them directly and provide your professional experience with these organizations.