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I hate selling!

Did you know I was fired — yes FIRED from my first sales job at Radio Shack? And for a long time, I struggled as a real estate agent. For years I was “playing the numbers game”, prospecting for hours every single day, "closing" and doing all that stuff. And I was BROKE. 

More than broke — I was on the street. Literally, sleeping in my car. Talk about hitting rock bottom. But you know, somehow I knew there had to be a better way. Easier, friendlier, and more effective way to find people who want to buy or sell, to contact them, to communicate with them like a human being, and to still turn them into loyal customers and clients… Regardless of the market or the economy.

I had enough.

It was either quit and get a "real" job or make it work. That was my turning point and I went on a quest to master this crazy business. How to get prospects' attention, how to gain their trust and how to turn them into clients, get paid for my work – and actually feel good about myself and being a real estate agent.

By following the Formula, in less than a year I owned a nice condo with pool and tennis courts, a brand-new car… Three weeks on a fantastic vacation in Europe (Venice, Vienna, and the Adriatic Coast). I was getting good listings, selling homes, and finally making money. Sounds almost like a Hollywood movie, doesn’t it?

Going from this...

…to this in a few months!

Now, please understand, I'm not showing you this to impress you, but to show you how quickly you can change your business (and your life) around.

Real Estate Systems

I finally had a system for getting leads, following up with them, and turning them into listings and sales. I've used it for years and I would like to teach them to you.

Yes, this stuff works! It has worked for me and made me wealthy (and happy!), and it’s working right now for the agents I’ve taught. No matter what market you’re in, what age you are, or how many years of experience you have… Anybody – ANYBODY can learn these techniques.  Not only will the formulas work for you, but rest assured, as your coach, I will deliver everything you need to put it to work in your business.

You can have:

A solid inventory of saleable homes Motivated, nice sellers and buyers who appreciate you and who like working with you (I know, sounds almost impossible, right?) Plenty of well-priced listings Nice commissions every single week Enjoy the business without stress and worries

The question is HOW? By using the right tools and the right systems. 


1. Expired PLUS 2.0

You've heard it before, I'm sure: "Expired listings are probably the easiest and fastest way to get listings." True. BUT...

Only if you know how to approach them, what to do, what to say, what to mail them... Otherwise you'll just have some angry folks slamming their phone (or their door) on you. Not fun. So here is a complete system on how to go from an expired listing to a lead and listing - fast!

The psychology of an expired listing Complete marketing library with a full set of customizable letters and postcards, resume plus a mailing plan Best approach on the phone, in person, and with mail How to deal with angry and difficult expireds How to list vacant and tenant-occupied expireds Best ways to use your resume Face to face with expireds - from door bell to listing Handling Objections - What's really behind them? What's the best time and day to go after expireds Follow up secrets, methods, and sequences How to use an Open House to list expireds Advanced technique on how to list expireds BEFORE anybody else How to use your web site to list more expireds

The package includes a DVD course and a work book with techniques, tips and tricks to stand out from your competition.

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2. Open House PLUS

The cool thing about open houses is that when done right, qualified leads come to YOU. And many are ready to move now (or soon). But just like with expireds, the trick is to know HOW to do it right. Otherwise you're just a bored house-sitter or a tour guide to a bunch of flakes. 

Open House PLUS is a complete real estate system. You will know how to have more open house visitors, more leads, more clients, more commissions… And even more FUN – This Weekend!

Mistakes to avoid – what turns an open house into a dead, disappointing disaster and why (you’d be surprised that even veterans who have been in this game for years still screw this up) How to use an open house to turn a FSBO into a great listing (this by the way, works with expireds, too) Tools, tips and tricks you’ll need to make open house work and end up with plenty of leads I’ll walk you through a 14-day marketing campaign Best web sites to promote your Open House online Direct mail campaign that will make you stand out and generate flow of traffic How to prepare the house to make a great first impression on all your visitors Actual show time. You will see me do a live demonstration of how to turn your visitors into a leads and a customers quickly How even a hesitant visitor ends up signing in and giving me his email and phone number I’ll show you tricks and techniques to quickly build rapport, establish a friendly open atmosphere, and qualify each visitor without being pushy or salesey How to get their real number and verify their contact information. It’s actually pretty easy Complete set of questions, dialogs and scripts How to set an appointment or a follow up call right on the spot Effective follow up after the open house to turn leads into commissions quickly

The package includes a DVD course, a work book with techniques, tips and tricks plus a complete set of marketing materials (fliers, invitations, postcards and guest register).

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3. Gravity PLUS

Stop chasing the business! Let THEM come to YOU... Gravity PLUS is about getting the attention of motivated buyers and sellers. How to build trust and rapport, and influence them to pick YOU – over your competition…

Without “closing”, being pushy, aggressive or salesey. 

The system works because it’s NOT based on the old-fashioned selling but on human PSYCHOLOGY which doesn’t change.

All prospects have subconscious psychological triggers. Little buttons that when pushed the right way, at the right time and in the right order — create a PREDICTABLE response. Without manipulation or trickery.

How to transition from a “salesperson” to a trusted counselor, adviser and a friend Subconscious fears that block your customers’ decisions (and how to address them) A simple technique that will make you completely stand out from your competition Most effective methods to get attention - in person, on the phone, with mail, and on the web with real life examples Five simple techniques that quickly establish connection and rapport Tipping Point: Three things ALL sellers want and two core reasons WHY they decide to list How to quickly discover customer’s REAL MOTIVATION and use it to your advantage (ethically) Techniques to get your prospects to contact YOU How to create urgency Core Influence System (NLP, psychology and elements of hypnosis) but without some hokey, cheesy scripts or shenanigans The Emotional Anchoring Techniques – and how to easily create links in all your communication...and a lot more

The Gravity PLUS course comes on 2 DVDs and includes a complete set of marketing materials.

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4. Mind Matrix PLUS

How to effortlessly remove procrastination, fear, hesitation and worries and quickly re-program your subconscious mind for success, focus, wealth, discipline, self-esteem and prosperity.

The fancy scientific name for the process is NEURO RECONDITIONING which simply means changing the core subconscious programming of your brain.

The process will re-map specific connections of your brain cells and create new neurochemical success cocktail. The new technology that makes it possible is called Mind Matrix PLUS. It combines the power of:

    Affirmations     Visualization     Meditation     Neuro-linguistic Programming     Relaxing Hypnosis     Latest 3-D Audio Brain Technology     Neuro Conditioning     Magical Worlds of Soundscapes     Soothing Music

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5. Videos

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If you love real estate but hate to be pushy... If youʼre looking for ways to get more transactions without spending a fortune or begging for business... you're in the right place.