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Generate Sales with your own personal e-Brochure Reach over 1.2 Million Real Estate Agents and 220 Thousand Real Estate Broker Offices with your offers of additional income to them for sending clie

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We take the high cost risk out of marketing your property.
Bonus Plus Marketing offers a no risk solution to marketing your properties with no upfront cost to you at all; this is our commission only program.

Bonus Plus Marketing will create a web site which provides detailed information about your property offer.

 We also create an HTML flyer inviting real estate agents and broker offices to the web site at which time they can register as a co-broker agent for your property and receive a 3% referral commission for each client they register when their client makes a purchase.

 How does it work? When we sell your property we receive a 10% to 12% commission from you, the property owner and we pay the referral agent or broker office a cash fee plus 3% commission. 

If you're a land owner or developer seeking home builders to purchase your lots or land to develop we can customize a marketing and sales program to fit your specific requirements.

All Databases are double opt-in with email addresses time & date stamped including IP Addresses and source.

Bonus Plus has begun offering web seminars which gives companies the ability to introduce property offers of up to 2,500 participants simultaneously.

Our Webinars present video, a real time host presenter, audio conference bridge, real time chat and all features are interactive.

Invitations are sent to certain select groups, individuals or companies with various offers.
Webinars are intended to be educational, informative and soft sell at the same time.
Our platforms are the quickest and least expensive way to reach large target audiences.

We do this by creating an informative flyer regarding details and times of the seminars, the subject matter and deliver the flyers via email.

The logon to attend the seminar is included in the flyer. Reminders are sent frequently regarding the upcoming seminar. 

One of our national database has over 52,000 top Real Estate Developers, Home Builders, Real Estate Investment Trust companies, Commercial Developers, Resort Property Developers, etc.
Using our e-brochures hundreds of thousands in the real estate arena will know about your property immediately, thereby shortening your sales cycle.

We will also customize a database to fit your specific requirements

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Bonus Plus Marketing has created an electronic national referral program that reaches over 1,200,000 Real Estate Agents and over 220,000 Real Estate Brokerage offices nationwide.Databases include the following:224,000 Doctors    167,000 Lawyers          55,000 Dentists65,000 CEOs & CFOS           26,000 CPAs     274,000 Stock Brokers & Bankers638,000 Wealthiest Americans                   650,000 Wealthiest Canadians2,200,000 Wealthiest Europeans        1,800 Hedge Fund Operators2,700 REITs          9,200 Residential & Commercial Developers17,600 General Building Contractors1,100,000 guests who have vacation at the resort properties2,500 Myrtle Beach Condo Owners        3,300 Travel Agencies41,000,000 Highest Income Individuals in over 175 Different Countries