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We are a handful of dedicated volunteer firefighters/ems personnel, committed to telling the story of our sacrifice, passion and commitment to protect our home communities, historically and today.

Benjamin Franklin created the first volunteer fire department in the US in 1736. Today, 73% (827,150+) of firefighters in the US are members of VFDs. The series is footage taken from real emergency responses, and interviews of the volunteers involved. Through a combination of amazing response footage shot in HD (and incredible 1st person perspectives using helmet cameras), reality type day-to-day station life, and compelling interviews, we want to educate, entertain and captivate the viewing audience.

We sacrifice a huge portion of our time away from family, to respond to the communities we protect. Through the series we want to increase public awareness, increase support and donations, and show the world how committed we are to being there for them in there darkest hours. We train as hard, and as many hours as the career firefighters, and obtain the same certifications. The volunteers are there for the community, standing ready to respond, for no pay, and most of the time, not even a thank you.

The mission of VTS: It is our goal to increase public awareness and support by telling the stories of these brave men and women. We want to make a difference in each and every volunteer fire/ems house in the world. Whether it means increased donations or just shifting the public paradigm, our purpose is to see volunteer houses thrive, decrease LODD's and see that ALL volunteer company's have the funding to continue to properly support the communities they serve. If we can make a difference in just one volunteer fire/ems house, we feel we will have been successful!

Please take just a moment to pass the message along to someone you feel might enjoy VTS. Thank you all for your continued support in the USA and around the world! Be safe!

++If you are interested in being a sponsor, and wish to give back to your local volunteer fire department, in exchange for commercial space or other forms of advertising with VTS, please contact us at:

++If you are a volunteer FD or EMS unit, and wish to be contacted about participating in the series, please contact me at:

++If you feel compelled to donate money to us, to help us with the production of the series, please contact the nearest local volunteer FD or EMS unit, and write the check to them. If you can not contribute money, please commit to personally thanking a volunteer firefighter/ems.

All Real, All Volunteer!

Thanks to the Purcellville Volunteer Fire Department & the Purcellville Volunteer Rescue Squad and ALL Volunteers for everything you do... for all of us!

To find out more about Volunteering for Fire & EMS in Purcellville VA. visit

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Dropping Plates Studio Presents: A TV series documenting the heroes at your local Volunteer Fire Department.