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It is the most logical.

It is the surest method.

It sells at the time desired.

It is the quickest method.

It is the most convenient

The highest price can be secured.

It gives the sale individuality.

It stimulates competition.

Auction advertising is more effective

It is the fairest method.

It puts bidders in a positive frame of mind.

It creates an atmosphere favorable to action.

It brings buyers to a moment of decision.

It is the most fascinating way.

It raises the price little by little.

It is natural to want what other desire.

It gives all an equal chance.

Bids are influenced by the judgment of others.

It creates the sporting spirit.

It may bring more than asking price.

Judgment of public controls price.

Price is made by more than one.

Offers are secured easier on spur of the moment

Public intelligence is the best guarantee.

Bidders prepare for action

Sellers prepares for action.

It makes good conditions for closing

It arouses enthusiasm

It eliminates chances for rake-off.

It is the better grade of salesmanship.

It lessens financial embarrassment.

It is better than bankruptcy.

Bidders appreciate using their own judgment.

Excuses are easier overcome.

Hospitality and sociability create interest.

The owner sets no price ceiling.

It is the most economical way.

Risk is reduced to a minimum

It is the most efficient.

It is the modern plan of selling.



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