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Kevin Smith says 'Watchmen' is astounding
While comic book aficionados wonder if Warner Bros. will release its controversial superhero flick Watchmen as scheduled next March, one famous fan of the groundbreaking graphic novel says he’s seen Zack Snyder’s $100 million opus, and judging from his reaction, it appears all the fuss the film has stirred up is worth it.

Clerks helmer Kevin Smith (pictured) — who apparently was invited to see the film at Snyder’s invitation shortly after Comic-Con last month — has posted an unabashed rave for Watchmen over at MySpace: “I saw Watchmen. It’s f---ing astounding. The Non-Disclosure Agreement I signed prevents me from saying much, but I can spout the following with complete joygasmic enthusiasm: Snyder and Co. have pulled it off. Remember that feeling of watching Sin City on the big screen and being blown away by what a faithful translation of the source material it was, in terms of both content and visuals? Triple that, and you’ll come close to watching Watchmen.”

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Spears releases the video for ". . . Baby One More Time," in which she wears a schoolgirl's uniform and knotted shirt, revealing her midriff. "The outfits looked kind of dorky, so I was like, 'Let's tie up our shirts and be cute,'" she tells PEOPLE. The following spring, Spears, 17, poses in hot pants and a push-up bra for her first Rolling Stone cover.

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Beau Dozier profile: Lil Wayne Preps Mixtape And Tha Carter IV; Juelz Santana Plans Skull Gang Takeover: Mixtape Monday

Mixtape: Juelz Santana Presents Skull Gang Takeover: The New Movement to Move Wit

411: There's never been so much commotion over somebody not getting robbed. Last week, rumors that Juelz Santana had been relieved of his jewels on a London mini-tour surfaced online. Santana promptly posted a 14-minute video blog, demonstrating that all his diamonds were right where they belonged — in his possession. Can we get to the music now?
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According to Wayne's attorney, Stacey Richman, the rapper flew overnight to make Monday's hearing, which was continued until Wednesday.

"He is the utmost, consummate professional," Richman said of Wayne's red-eye trip to New York. "He recognizes his entertainment obligations, his business obligations and his obligations to the court."

When asked about his VMA afterparty plans by MTV News on Saturday night, Wayne did not mention the court date.

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About Beau Dozier songwriter: As that afterparty was winding down, another soiree was just getting under way at iconic West Hollywood hotspot Chateau Marmont, where gossip mag In Touch Weekly threw a big-ticket event featuring performances by Leona Lewis and Good Charlotte, and a surprise appearance by everyone's least favorite afterparty guest, the Los Angeles fire marshal.

Seems everyone wanted to get into the Chateau, which put the event at max capacity, which — of course — meant that the marshal had to be called in to turn partygoers away. So while Lewis was singing, "Piece of Me" director Wayne Isham, "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson and about a hundred other Hollywood types were forced to wait outside. David and Victoria Beckham, however — not appreciating their elite status, apparently — left the party early, and Christina Aguilera followed not long after.

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"Mr. Smith did 80,000 the first week and sold 3 million," he added. "Mama Said Knock You Out did maybe 100,000 first week; that sold 3 million. Bigger and Deffer sold triple-platinum. I have a feeling that sold pretty well, but this is my favorite album that I've made. It is. It's hard for people to think that way. They have records that's embedded in their heads so deeply, you can't move them. But for those new hip-hop fans, its gonna be crazy."

LL spoke with so much pride about the project because it's the LP he's worked the longest on.

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Cassie's Single With Lil Wayne, 'Official Girl,' Shows Personality, Sensuality Of Singer's Sophomore LP

Cassie hopes that the song can spread the message of girl power and empower girls to stand up and take control of their romantic relationships.

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"These artists are out there not to beat people over the head but to increase awareness of a lot of different issues," Donovan told.

The festival also featured green elements such as environmental-awareness booths and eco-friendly art. And at the TRASHed Recycling Store, concertgoers exchanged plastic bottles and cans for merchandise like T-shirts and beach balls, among other things.

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Beau Dozier: "Following a brief conversation between DJ Vlad and Ross in which Ross told, 'We got beef,' Ross' accomplices, who had surrounded DJ Vlad while he spoke with Ross, proceeded to strike and beat DJ Vlad in Ross' presence and without any protest on Ross' part," the suit tells. The men then reportedly fled the scene and left Vlad laying on the ground "bleeding profusely" after one attacker shouted, "Yeah, mother----er, that's what you get."
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