Beth Baker (Deserving Decor)

Doylestown , PA 18901

Furnishing and decorating homeless shelters.

Get to know Beth Baker

 Deserving Decor is a non profit, charitable organization of interior decorators and community volunteers who donate their time, passion and talent to furnish and decorate transitional housing for homeless families, primarily women and children - using donated furnishings and home decor.

Everyone deserves a clean, comfortable and safe place to live. Partnering with local homeless agencies, Deserving Decor transforms transitional shelter apartments into creative and inviting living spaces for homeless families. Transitional housing bridges the gap between a traditional homeless shelter and a rental property.

We can't do it without you! We need donated furniture, art, lighting, bedding, window treatments and other decorative items to do what we do best. Please view our donation list for recommended donation items.

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