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At Busey Bank we help our customers achieve their financial goals through a balanced approach. Our customers want to balance their lives and their money - our commitment is to make sure they succeed.

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One thing I see if you are like me, not a day goes by where I don't get some solicitation for a mortgage rate.  And as I have observed the mortgage industry over the years, it concerned me that most Loan Officers tend to be order takers.  You call in and the first thing they typically do is ask you what you want.  You of course ask for ‘the lowest rate' because that's the only value they think they can offer you.  The loan officer then proceeds to quote you a rate and maybe fax a good faith estimate.  You could go through this process a few times with different Lenders. 

And if you are like most people, you may become frustrated with them because they've done a pretty good job of confusing you with a bunch of numbers.  So you decide to use one lender over another based on a set of criteria that has nothing to do with your long-term financial benefit.  We believe the mortgage you ultimately choose is a big decision.  We believe you deserve more than just a couple of minutes on the phone and a sheet full of numbers you may not understand.

If we decide we are not helping to improve your financial strength by choosing a mortgage based on strategy rather than just an interest rate, then I would be happy to consult with you to make sure you are getting a good deal.  What I would like to do is provide more of a context to make that decision.  

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