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Get to Know Bal Uppal

I am working as a mortgage specialist now for several years.  I earned the spot of one of the best in Canada.  I have done this by helping folks like yourself with financing.  Its not just about finding the best rate. Its about finding the best product for you. 

I have three kids, a husband and a house of my own- I know the work family balance intimately- I understand the effects of it on finances.  And in turn how to turn a mortgage into a financial tool best suited for you.



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Your house may be on the market, you may be looking for funds to renovate, or maybe just simply looking to save money.

You may not know where to start given all the choices out there: Open Variable, Closed Variable, Fixed Closed, or line of credit to name a few.

 This is what I am here for.  I am a mobile mortgage specialist in your area, and want to come see you personally in the comfort of your home, to show you what RBC Royal Bank can offer you for a mortgage.  If you already have a pre-approval it may be in your best interest to have me review your offer to ensure you will be getting a mortgage which will meet your financial objectives.

 I can assure you I can offer you competitive interest rates, 120 day rate guarantee, double up payments, and even skip a payment once a year option.

 There is no obligation to go through RBC once you meet me.  I just want to take some of your time to give you excellent mortgage advice.



Bal Uppal is a Mortgage Specialist serving clients in the lower mainland. If you are looking for mortgage advice in the comfort of your home, please call Bal!