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My role in your life during the transaction is three-fold.  I am (1) Your consultant. (2) Your negotiator. (3) The overseer of the details of the transaction.  

As your consultant, Ill ask you some thought-provoking questions, designed to uncover profound, insightful information about what's important to you.  And, I'll listen attentively to your answers.   I'll use this information to best serve your interests.  That's why understanding what's really important to you is also really important to me.   You'll notice that these are questions that typical agents never take the risk to ask.  

As a skilled consultant, it's important that I lead you through the process of clarifying your goals.  When your goals are clear, your decisions are easy, and you get good results.  Of course that's what you want.  Wouldn't you agree?   When you confirm that I've heard and understood your goals - then and only then - will I craft a strategic plan, tailored to your needs, ensuring you get the best price for your home.  

In addition to being your consultant, I'll also be your negotiator because representing yourself in a transaction is like performing a surgery on yourself; it isn't going to work because you need a skilled professional.  If the end result is important to you, then you rely on an experienced team you trust and respect.   And since money is an emotional issue, you'll need an objective and focused negotiator to ensure you get the best results.   As your negotiator, I'll treat your money as if it were mines.  And, when it's time to save or make you money, I'll relentlessly represent your interests and demonstrate that our negotiating skills alone are worth every penny you pay us.    Did you know that there are 43 different people from 14 different industries who get involved during the seven stages of your transaction?   As you can imagine, every "i" must be dotted and every "t" must be crossed.  There are over 100 pieces of paper requiring at least 43 signatures and initials, and making a mistake can be very costly to you.  

I oversee all transactional details.  Every transaction has 100 to 150 phone calls alone, and each one of them is loaded with critical details.  There's a lot that can go wrong.   Imagine that buying or selling your home is like taking an airline flight cross country.  When you start on your trip, you have no idea how the trip will go.  Neither does the pilot!  You could run into 50 different types of turbulence, or you could have a smooth flight and land on time.  Certainly, the pilot will try to use his or her experience to navigate around storms and go for the smoothest flight plan, but if they're honest, they can't promise a turbulence-free trip.  Their job is simply to get you to your destination in the least time and with the least aggravation while keeping you informed throughout the trip.

As your Personal Real Estate Consultant, I see myself as the pilot of your plane.  My job is to assist you in getting your home sold in the least time, with the least aggravation.  

I can't promise you no turbulence, but I can promise that I'll utilize my experience and expertise to take you on the smoothest flight that I can.  And if we do hit turbulence, I won't bail out on you.  I'll be your teammate throughout the flight until I get you safely to your destination.


Welcome to the Bay Area's most convenient and comprehensive new hometown.  Mountain House is a brand new 20-year Master Planned Community ("New.Home.Town") located in the gateway to the Bay Area.  Remember the time when neighbors cared about neighbors and "community" was that special place you carried with you in your heart?At Mountain House, we believe that old-fashioned values, like putting family and community first, couldn't be more timely nor important today. Coming home should represent something more than a well-designed house on an attractive street.Years of meticulous planning and the vision of Trimark Communities, LLC, the stewards of this land, have created an all-encompassing new community destined to rekindle and ultimately redefine the concept of a hometown. Here, residents will find the best of yesterday reflected in beautifully executed classic architecture, parks for every sport and leisurely pursuit, and thoughtfully designed community recreation centers. In addition, Mountain House will offer an overall plan that includes fabulous golf facilities, miles of hiking and biking trails, a thriving local employment center, business and retail, and a safe and secure way of life.The brightest, most forward-thinking ideas in community planning and technology will play an integral role in life at Mountain House as well. From the latest in high-speed internet access to the most advanced connectivity in the form of a customized community intranet, Mountain House will be at the forefront, making technology even more accessible, convenient, and useful in our daily lives.Mountain House's development plan will span more than 20 years, and eventually the community will boast a population of about 43,500 residents. The community's 4,784 acres of land will be divided among numerous, carefully considered uses: 2,500 acres are planned for residential detached homes, townhomes, condominiums, and apartments; 700 acres will be used for commercial projects with the potential for providing over 20,000 local jobs; 750 acres have been set aside for beautiful parks, public boating access to the Delta, and ecologically protected conservation areas.Mountain House will provide generous employment and business opportunities, local shopping, parks, recreational facilities, and a full range of housing options. At the community's focal point will be the Town Center, serving all of the 12 planned Mountain House villages, which will individually embrace their own unique architectural and landscape palettes and will promote a wide range of social and civic activities.This unique new hometown will also provide abundant opportunities to fully explore an ideal lifestyle through its unparalleled assortment of community amenities. With a linear park planned along local waterways, Mountain House residents will be provided with several miles of beautiful scenery in which to walk or jog, or simply enjoy a relaxing afternoon picnic with family and friends.Mountain House will include 12 K-8 schools and one high school, which will be built as new neighborhoods become fully populated. The community's education system will also afford additional programs of varied interest, for adults and children, as well as a comprehensive community-serving library. Looking toward the future, Mountain House is being developed with the latest technology wired for all businesses and residential structures, creating a virtual network between work and home.With prime housing, balanced features, and centrally located community commercial with numerous local job opportunities, Mountain House is the optimal town of the new millennium and it's poised to become the most desirable place to live and work in Northern California today.   ---


There is a reason why 92% of my business is by referral,my clients trust me! Shiela Meadows is in the top 1% in her area. She helps clients make informed decisions in buying real estate in Mtn House