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We handle CalBRE licensing, audits, investigations, statement of issues, broker litigation, defamation, trademark, copyright infringement & internet law. Low flat rate fees! Call (877) 276-5084.

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Our firm is a recognized leader in representing California real estate brokers in licensing admissions cases, statement of issues, property management audits, CalBRE complaint response, subpoena response, DBO accusations, and other issues before the California Bureau of Real Estate.  We have been handling these cases since we started our law practive in 2004.  We also help brokers with intellectual property issues including copyright, trademark, and internet reputation issues.

We can help brokers with the following types of legal issues:

1.  Commission Disputes

2.  Ethics hearings

3.  Internet defamation and brand protection

4.  Securing trademarks for mortgage brokers, residential & commercial real estate companies and business opportunitiy professionals

5.  Can help respond to cease and desist letters.

6.  Can serve as cumis counsel in real estate ligitation and arbitration cases

7.  Trade secret litigaiton involving customer and client lists

8.  Copyright and DMCA issues involving real estate photography

9.  Commercial drone applications for real estate agents and brokerages

10.  Real estate fraud, non-disclosure, and financial elder abuse cases

11.  Software audits for architects, engineers and designers.

For more information call us at (877) 276-5084.


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Licensed real estate broker in California;

Licensed real estate broker in Arizona;

License Attorney in California

Licensed Attorney in Arizona

Apponted by Phoenix Mayor to Camelback Planning Commission

Appeared on Fox News three times as real estate analyst


Adivising companies in general business and transactional matters;

Helping businesses secure trademarks and copyrights

Helping property managers prepare for CalBRE trust fund audits

Settling licensing accusations & commission disputes

Heliping clinets respond to CalBRE subpoenas and investigation letters

Handling real estate arbitration and litigation matters

Representing business owners in internet defmaation and brand protection cases

Autodesk, Microsoft, SIIA, and Business Software Alliance audits


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