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Greetings Everyone!  While I am a Licensed Real Estate Agent this is not how I make my living. To be honest, I'm a super-techie, nerd, perhaps many will consider me a weird geek and to be completely honest, if they have met me, they are very likely correct in their assessment.

However in what really counts; I have a wonderful wife and family which are all following their own dreams, although I will admit there are times that I would just like to reach out and 'poof'; change of few of their dreams. Nonetheless it is important for all of us, as individuals, to follow our own dreams and to encourage those we love to follow theirs.

Thus I am here on active rain following one of my own dreams, career wise, to take my skill set into what will likely be my final industry change. I have been fortunate through the years of economic ups and downs to possess a skill set that has been beneficially transferable between a variety of industrial pursuits and Real Estate Technology & Marketing is where I am going to apply my knowledge and effort over the next decade. ...lol ...Well there are no guarantees, so I will clarify and say hopefully so. :)


Oh my gosh, Active Rain wants a resume summary as part of their sign-up process, and that makes sense actually.

Associates Degree in Electronics (1982) Bachelor Degree in Computer Science (1992), and I have spent the last 27 or so years applying my skill set to a variety of industries including computer data storage, wide area networking, wireless communications, Internet technology, and most recently the defense industry. My accomplishments during these years are probably best summarized by my co-authoring 4 US patents within the wireless communication industry.

Nevertheless at the heart of my business core, I am just a simple software engineer who just loves to write code which automates some tedious task for fellow human beings to give them the freedom to spend more time with those things that really count, family and friends.





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