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Real Properties Plus L.L.C. is a business in the real estate field, looking for investment opportunities and managing its own properties.

In 1990 we came to the U.S.A. seeking freedom, as you or your ancestors did. It was not easy so far, but is getting better with investing and managing our real properties.

We resettled in the U. S. A. coming from the communist collapsing East Europe. Our assets at that time were intangible, mechanical engineering degrees and big hopes.

We understand why we are here. The equality of opportunity of the U.S.A. democracy and the property ownership in a capitalist economic system matter to us a lot. We spent too many years under communist dogma.

We did not have this game, “getting rich with properties,” in the socialized economies. Actually it was forbidden even to think about owning properties.

I graduated "risk investing 101" class losing fast $5,000 by trading commodities. In the process I learned a bit about my greed and my fear. The school of hard knocks is working wonders.

It took us five years to comprehend there is a less risky way to invest by using real estate properties and rentals.

Eight years ago I passed the real estate agent state examination. I got my broker license in real estate about four years ago.


The Real Properties Plus name is about real estate investing, managing, taxes, accounting for real estate and the new web virtual space (estate) addition. We manage our apartment buildings and residential houses. Our expertise is in renting real estate business. I share from my experience at and


The Real Properties Plus name is about real estate investing, managing rental properties, accounting for real estate and the web virtual space addition. More personal info & video at