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Anthony McCullough
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Hello and welcome, your source for the best realtor in the Greater Chicago area. By visiting us today you are showing that you are serious about your real estate needs and you want the most knowledgeable realtor you can get. Are you buying or selling? Do you want a single family home or a condo? I can help you with any of your real estate needs and make the transaction easy to understand.

My name is Anthony McCullough and my goal is to make your real estate buying and selling experience easy and seamless. I have over 7 years of experience in the real estate industry and am a certified distressed property expert and Certified Investor Agent Specialist. I want to be your realtor for life and be there to assist you with all of your real estate needs. My commitment to you is that I will give you the most professional service in the industry and place your needs as my highest priority.

Whether you are interested in buying or selling a home, you need someone who knows the area and can give you the most up-to-date local information around. My knowledge of the local area will become your greatest asset in your home search. Not every location is the same and neither is every realtor. Step up to a better one, step up to


Achievements: Certified Agent Investor Specialist (CIAS), Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE),

Real Estate Specialties: 
Real estate investor specialist
Buyer and Seller Realtor

Scott G.
Anthony was always the professional. He impressed me by clearly listening to our needs and concerns on purchasing a condo. He understood our plans of reselling this property in 5 to 7 years and steered us to properties that would be profitable at that time. He kept us abreast of any changes and things to consider during the whole process. When purchasing a home, I contact Anthony first on buying or selling my properties.
Juan P.
Mr. Mccullough is a true representation of business person. He demonstrates he's knowledge to the subject, and provide a fair-balance opinion. Now a days, it's difficult to find person with a clear business mind, and open opinion. All business I have done with Mr. McCullough has been all benefit. And I will continue to do business with Mr. McCullough in the future. Highly recommended.
Dorothy E.
Anthony has been my real estate agent for many years. I have worked with others in the past but have never had one like Anthony. He paid attention to the requirements I wanted in a new purchase, did his homework well and always sent me information on those places that met my criteria. He had a respect for my time and never hesitated in finding a place in his own schedule to accommodate me. The biggest surprise and treat for me was when we would visit a property and the place was deficient. Anthony saw it too and never tried to make the defects any different than what they were. He knew the property was not good as I did. He focused on my interests when he was with me and would show me all of the properties on our list – no matter how long it took and without interruption. He is calm, clear, focused and attentive – qualities that make for a very good real estate agent. I am happy to work with him.
Leo F.
As for "why would someone want to do business with you", my response would be simply to ask what makes YOU want to do business with someone else?Compare someone who is competent to someone who strives to have an above average grasp of their field.Someone who listens and provides what I have asked for, versus someone who collaborates with me and asks relevant questions to help me define and discover what I need, not just what I can afford.Personable but professional and experienced. Honest (though tough to prove)Connected somehow.......same neighborhood, same church, same interests. Above all else, a good communicator. Keep me in the loop, let me know what's going on, set my expectation and deliver at or above my expectation.
Ewell L.
I would most certainly do business with you. You are considerate in all the transactions we were involved in since I know you at IBM. This is over 5 years, by the way. You are attentive, a excellent listener and most of all, you stick to your word. You will make a great broker and I know I would be willing to work for you at anytime. Thanks.
Dr. Leonora A.
I will do business with you because of your technical knowledge in the real estate industry, I know you will tell me the truth and give me the best advice, even if it means the advice you give cause me to walk away and you do not close the deal. Because of this and the fact that you walk in integrity, I will not only use your services, I will give others your information and recommendation because I trust you.

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