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Get to Know Anthony Lindia
Credit Mindset is a leading-edge credit education company specializing in credit repair services and the provision of credit expertise to U.S. consumers.  Based just outside of Philadelphia , the firm was founded six years ago to help the rapidly-growing set of individuals who face the challenge of poor credit scores resulting from negative items in one or more of the national consumer credit bureaus.  Credit Mindset has developed a comprehensive set of programs to assist consumers with the deletion of inaccurate or derogatory items in their credit bureau files, accelerate the accumulation of positive credit history, and adopt good habits regarding credit and the smart use of retail financial products and services.  By working with Credit Mindset’s expert Personal Credit Advisors thousands of credit-challenged consumers have improved their credit standing at the credit bureaus and significantly raised their credit scores.  In addition to its direct-to-consumer programs, Credit Mindset has also developed a separate division to focus on the provision of rapid credit repair services through trusted intermediaries who have a professional need for such a service in their ongoing client work.   Credit Mindset Professionals works with realtors, lenders, and mortgage brokers to fix problems when a client’s credit issues would otherwise block or impair an important transaction.  By applying a rapid approach to resolving items in the credit bureau files, Credit Mindset Professionals can achieve a substantial improvement in a client’s credit score in as little as 75 days.  By moving a sub-prime credit score up into prime status a blocked real-estate deal or large-ticket purchase can move forward with minimal delay.  Professionals tend to refer an ongoing stream of clients to Credit Mindset Professionals once they see the effectiveness of the program in saving transactions that would otherwise fail to occur. Please visit our websites at, www. , orwww.bettercreditstartstoday. com for more information.  

I have a deep passion for helping people—and an equal amount of compassion for how credit can affect not just your finances, but your family too. Trust us for our experience and our caring attitudes