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Tired of the same old Realtor? And can't find who to trust anymore? Let me earn your trust and prove to you my knowlege in Real Estate.

Get to know Andrew Strickland

Hey! Thanks for coming to my little webspace here! My name is Andrew Strickland, as you can see from above. I've lived in Hinesville for most of my life (minus 2 years). Having been here that much time, I know this place pretty well.  I'm an Eagle Scout out of Troop 500 here in Hinesville.  I was raised in this business since I was 12 years old and I am working on an upper level education course for Real Estate through GRI.  I'm also a fulltime student at the local university majoring in Political Science.  I love using technology and I strive to be different.  I hope after you have a chance to speek with me, you'll see that I'm a very devoted and loyal person that will try to take care of every need you may have.


It is most important that when you are deciding on buying a property that you do your own investigations and don't just assume what you are hearing is correct.

I know people that have bought properties on the assumption that they will be able to develop these properties in the near future. Some have been told that they can build units on the site they are looking at purchasing, right down to being able to build a new home. They then purchase the property so they can knock it down and build their dream home, and find out that the property is heritage listed.

Be wise - not emotional - when purchasing property because later on down the track you really could dislike coming home each evening to a place of regret. Go to council and do your own investigation, and if you can't understand what they are talking about, hire an architect to sort things out.

before you get into purchase mode don't let the selling agent put pressure on you to make a decision until you are totally happy with your investigations.

Hot Tip: Be sure and safe, not sorry when purchasing your next home

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