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Supra Keybox Access / Affiliate member of the Salt Lake City Board of Realtors Advanced thermal imaging technolgy is used during all home inspection services at no additional costs. We use the highest resolution and sensitive Thermal Imaging equipment offered in the State of Utah. We report on the entire condition of the property including both good and bad concerns in a non-alarming and positive manner. We provide far more information than the usual defect-only checklist that so many home inspectors provide. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Open 7 days a week. Same day advanced inspection report including digital images, thermal images, and diagrahms to allow for an indepth yet easy to understand inspection report. See Sample Report: Utah's most certified and trained Infrared home Inspector. Certified Infrared Thermographer #8340 Professional Home Inspection Institute Graduate Certified Professional Inspector "InterNational Association of Certified Home Inspectors" Infrared Certified "InterNachi" Certified Indoor Air Consultant "IAC2" Certified Radon Measurement Service Provider Certified Mold Inspector Certified Meth Testing Tech. Certified Equine Infrared Thermographer Certified Infrared Moisture Detection Specialist United Infrared Affiliate Member Salt Lake Board of Realtors Affiliate Member


Utah Infrared Inspections offers the most advanced, in-depth, and informative home inspection available in the State of Utah. We provide Thermal Imaging Technology on every inspection as an added benefit without the added cost. Utah Infrared Inspections provides comprehensive home inspections, building inspections, mold testing, meth testing, radon testing, moisture detection, and thermal imaging(infrared) services.



 Often times alot of money can be saved by using  thermal imaging technology. Since Infrared allows for non-destructive and non-intrusive inspection methods, we are able to identify most concerns without causing any additional damages which can often turn into a substantial savings.

Using Infrared to determine exactly what the problem is, where it's located, and what's causing it, allows us to provide additional information concerning the easiest an most cost efficent ways to make any needed repairs.

Real Estate Agents are quickly becoming one of the largest supporters of thermal imaging technology. Many agents were skeptical of the technology for many years. Agents were weary that infrared inspections might expose too much information possibly scaring clients away. The agents who have been exposed to the new technology have experienced expedited inspection services and a much smoother real estate transaction.

Clients feel much more confident about the purchase decision and worry less about needing further opinions concerning defects or repair costs.


An infrared inspection can also help eliminate costly mold testing in many situations. The images below are examples of where costly mold testing was avoided because the hidden mold and moisture was discovered.





Utah Infrared Inspections provide Infrared Home Inspections, Building Inspections, Utah Mold Testing, Utah Meth Testing, Utah Radon Testing, Moisture Detection and Documentation