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Property Management is a continuing business relationship quite different from a sales encounter. Manager, Tenant and Owner have an ongoing relationship that works best with full disclosures, direct and complete information, and immediate responses to all problems.
The process begins with a clear understanding of the market between Owner and Manager; positioning the property (marketing plan) to best suit the Owners' objectives; and fully exposing that property to potential Tenants.
Our inventory grows exclusively from referrals.  We spend our advertising dollar to obtain as many high quality rental prospects and have benefitted from the numerous owner/property referrals without expending any advertising dollars.
We make every effort to be direct, honest and realistic with owners and tenants alike.  The majority of the time we spend with prospective tenants is invested purely to avoid unnecessary mis-communications, misunderstandings and potential mistrust.
Can you imagine how you would feel if a property manager had not exercised due care and you suffered serious consequences?  Unlike sales, not all business is "good business".

I had a very gracious couple balk at signing the Rental Agreement and addendum's months after they had signed the Reservation Agreement and provided a deposit. It was a tiny oceanfront townhouse and the gracious couple had withheld their intention to have a family reunion of sorts during a period of their occupancy. Fortunately the "number of occupants" clause and the "Maintenance" addendum caused the couple to recognize potential severe financial repercussions. In this case the owner's property was protected because of the thorough contracts.
Could you also imagine how uncomfortable it would be to receive an inquiry directly from your tenants attorney simply because you had unintentionally interacted with a tenant.  We try to avoid that situation and the very first thing we do is make certain you are personally aware of that potential complication.  We make sure you have been advised!


 If you own rental property, ask yourself these questions?

Are you forced to keep up with the ever-changing fair housing laws and other legislation regarding tenancy, including lead-based paint and toxic mold policies? Are you concerned about the possibility of a tenant suing you...and winning? Do you have to deal with the collection of rents, late payments, and bounced checks? Do you dread confrontation with tenants, trying to convince them to take care of the property better or start paying their rent on time? Do you cross your fingers, hoping that you won't have to deal with the move-out / advertising / move-in process that occurs between tenants? Do you struggle with the process of advertising and showing your vacant home, interviewing tenants, taking applications, and running credit and background checks? Do you sometimes feel that you spend all of your time collecting checks, paying vendors, and performing all of the accounting necessary on your rental? Here are some of the things we do for you:  Keep on top of regional, state, and federal landlord/tenant law and legislative issues facing property owners and tenants. Track vacancy rates, vacancy factors, time-on- market, and rent values for the area, and effectively market your home with print and the Internet. Create and maintain relationships with qualified vendors, including painters, roofers, electricians, plumbers, appliance repairmen, handymen, and more. Provide appropriate rental applications and forms that, along with a consistent screening process, ensure the highest quality tenants while conforming to all applicable laws. Provide a lease agreement that covers your property well, collect and account for rents, and confront tenants to enforce the terms of the lease. Perform complete accounting for your property, to ensure a maximum return on your investment and optimum tax benefit. This sets us apart from other property management companies:   Personalized, attentive service with thorough communication. Expert knowledge of the industry and local real estate market. Experience dealing with all kinds of property and tenancy issues. Established relationships with local services providers of all types. 

You can count on Aamerican for professional Brevard County property management and sales. Whatever your investment is, we will provide you with above average service and solutions.