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 Existed primarily to engage in real estate management & development business. To own, use, improve, develop, subdivide, sell, exchange, lease, and hold for investment or otherwise real estate of all kinds, including buildings, houses, apartments, condominiums and other structures.


To invest in, purchase or other wise acquire, hold, use, sell, assign, transfer, mortgage, pledge, exchange or otherwise dispose of personal property of every kind and description, including shares of stocks, bonds, debentures, notes, evidences of indebtedness, contracts and other securities and obligations of any corporation, partnership, company or associate, whether domestic or foreign for whatever lawful purpose or purposes the same may happen, organize and to pay therefore in money or by exchanging debentures, notes and other evidences of indebtedness or securities, and while the owner or holder of such notes or evidences of indebtedness, contracts and other securities and obligation of any corporation. To receive, collect, and dispose of  the interest, dividends, and income arising from such property and investment and to possess and exercise in respect therefore, and all the rights and powers and privileges of ownership to the extent authorized by law without however engaging in any banking of quasi- banking activities, nor shall the corporation engage in the business of an investment company as defined in the Investment Company Act (RA2629), without complying with the provisions of the said act, provided it will not engage in stock or dealer in securities.


To engage in General  Construction Business.


To engage in trading, import, export of general merchandise, at wholesale or retail basis.


To engage in Agriculture and Aqua- culture development.


To acquire or obtain from any government or authority, national, provincial, municipal or otherwise, or any corporation, company or partnership of person, such as charter, contracts, franchise, privileges, exemption, licenses, and concessions as may be conducive to any of the objects of the corporation.


To establish and operate one or more branches, offices, agencies, and to carry on any of all of its operations and business without any restrictions as to place an amount including the right to hold, purchase or otherwise acquire, lease, mortgage, pledge and convey or otherwise deal in, and with real and personal property anywhere within the Philippines.


To conduct and transact any and all lawful activities and to do or cause to be done  anyone or more of the acts and things herein set forth as its purposes, within or outside the Philippines, and in any and all foreign countries and to do everything necessary, desirable or incidental to the accomplishment of the purpose of the exercise of any one or more of the powers herein enumerated or which shall at any time appear conducive to or expedient for the protection or benefit of the corporation.


That the Corporation shall have all the express powers of Corporation as provided for under Section 36 of the Corporation Code of the Philippines.


We created this Corporation because of the increasing demands from our clients, and prospective clients around the world and we were motivated to do something better in the Real Estate Profession in the Philippines. To achieve our mission, vision, goals, we networked with Attorneys, Geodetic Engineers, Architects, Accountants and Book Keepers and other professionals with high sense of morality and integrity.




Accredited Real Estate Company by Securities & Exchange Commission and Bureau of Internal Revenue in the Philippines and has Mayor's Permit to engage in Real Estate business of all kinds.