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Get to know ROBERT OFFERMAN relies on more than 20 years of financial experience to guide our clients to a successful resolution to their financial hardships. 503LoanModification was created by Managing Partner Robert Offerman as a division to his already successful financial solutions company. Mr. Offerman recognized the need to assist families in financial hardship much  sooner than the bleak and darkening economic signs were recognized by the majority . Moved by the need to help the many families who found their homes in foreclosure, and touched by the emotional depths of financial upheaval...Robert Offerman decided he would make a difference 503LoanModification is based in Portland, Oregon, but our financial solutions firm has successfully completed loan modifications all over the country. Our willingness and need to help those in financial hardship has no borders; our relationships, experiences, and resources make it possible for us to successfully negotiate loan modification services and end financial hardship for families all across the nation



At we offer a variety of loan modification programs designed to address your unique needs as a family. After we evaluate your particular financial circumstances, we will help you build a financial solution that will end your hardship once and for all Our services include loan modification, loss mitigation services, short sale processes, short refinance options, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure instruments, cash for keys negotiation, forbearance agreements, partial claim options, and debt settlement.'s caring and experienced agents can advise you and your family on which choice is right for you. We will create a financial program that takes full advantage of every service we have to offer those in hardship. We will put you back on solid ground for the long term, and in the process, we can give you back your piece of mind. Finally...Help is here...and you've found it

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