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Let’s face it, you are bombarded with too much information & who has the time to keep up?  I know for me, continually struggle to stay focused & productive while still satisfying my hunger for knowledge.  I was diagnosed with a form of ADHD a few years ago so I have made it my mission to find methods, tactics, & strategies to get the results I desire with the minimum of noise & distraction.  The ideal “Handbook” for me would  be to have all my goals listed as chapters & each chapter would be comprised of 52 pages, each page would have ONE SHORTCUT or “HACK” that would accelerate my success. I know, I know I can hear my late father’s voice now “THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS, YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK & PAY YOUR DUES”.  I whole heartedly agree with you Dad, you were right about most things in life.  Maybe “shortcut” isn’t the right word to define what I mean.  I have no problem working hard at something to gain MASTERY.  What I want is the ESSENCE of what I need to DO every hour, day, week, month, year etc to achieve what I want in my life.   After all isn’t your life made up of an accumulation of the actions you take or don’t take, the habits you have or don’t have? I am a big fan of sites like www.lifehacker.com, www.lifehack.org, www.thefourhourworkweek.com (huge fan of Tim Ferriss & his books as well. I just ordered The 4-hour Chef for my kindle & plan to read it this week so I will let you know my thoughts.) Visual Models & Framework is very beneficial to help someone like me with ADHD to understand and grasp concepts so…. I am going to borrow one that I LOVE LOVE LOVE from Tim Ferriss. He uses the 4 step process he uses the acronym “DiSSS” as a model for Rapid Learning. check out Tim’s interview on Mixergy to get a more in depth understanding. http://mixergy.com/tim-ferriss-4-hour-chef-interview/ DECONSTRUCTION SELECTION SEQUENCE STAKES The goal of 52 shortcuts is to IDENTIFY the ESSENCE of what you are trying to LEARN & ACHIEVE