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21st century planning will require a paradigm shift. Those with the ability to think creatively and logically in order to solve problems are most likely to be successful in an unforgiving global economy that requires flexibility. This is my goal to help make the paradigm shift easier so you can be successful in this 21st century... Successfully Yours..Mr. Clayton.


Federal Reserve Announces New Credit Score Disclosure Rules

Congress passed the Dodd-Frank financial reform law after the economic meltdown. The measure was signed into law last year. The law involves, in part, requirements lenders must follow when denying a credit application. On July 5, 2011 the Federal Reserve issued new rules regarding credit disclosure in light of the mandate created under the Dodd-Frank Act. The new rules require lenders to provide information about the consumer's credit score to the consumer if the lender has denied a credit application or has given the consumer less favorable terms because of the consumer's credit score. There is an irony involved with the new rules. A consumer who may have benefitted from seeking credit repair before making the application must wait until an application is denied to benefit from the information required under the new rules. Some experts say learning of potential credit score and credit history problems after applying for a loan or credit card does little to help if the information in the credit report is erroneous. At Credit Repair Consultants, we are aware that inaccurate information in a credit report can have adverse consequences during the process of applying for a loan. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will soon open its doors. Officials from the agency are looking into the credit score morass to see why credit scores can vary drastically from company to company who offer lenders credit score services. Many of the largest creditors rely on the credit score known as the FICO score. Although there are a number of credit score companies, FICO is the company that invented credit scoring and remains as the most widely used scoring company. Nonetheless, federal regulators are looking into how well credit scoring correlates to true credit risk for lenders. In the meantime, credit reports and credit scores do affect credit applications and potential interest rates on loans. Credit Repair Consultants can help those who have questionable outdated, inaccurate, unverifiable or misleading information in their credit reports to restore their credit score.

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