Review for Constellation Web Solutions (CWS Custom)

These sites are great, but don't generate leads. (by kcarmack)
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IDX websites are great because no one goes to an agents website just to see a few listings that agent offers, but to really see everything available to them. The only thing wrong with having just an IDX website, though, is that they don't GENERATE leads. They only capture and manage leads, which is great, but if you don't have the traffic coming in, you don't have any leads to capture and manage. That's why we've started offering IDX site options along with our Inbound Marketing services at Inbound marketing is really focused on getting the attention of your ideal audience and guiding them to your very sticky website. And even if they don't want to provide their contact information for information about real estate, they will provide their information for downloadable content that we can teach you how to create. They download some e-products in exchange for their contact information and everyone wins. Now if they're not ready to buy, which is the case for many browsers, you can at least drip highly targeted information into their inbox once or twice a month educating them about the process of purchasing a home. And guess who will be at the top of their mind when they are finally ready? You. And because you've guided them through the process, they're ready to start the pre-qualification process and get their ducks in order.
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