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Forest Hills, Kew Garden &Rego Park Real Estate NY (by hubspire)
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I am from Singapore and re-settled to New York with my family for our job. It was really hard to find an apt real estate agent. I really found an awesome apartment. A few weeks ago, my Girl-friend and I fixed few appointments to meet with 3 different brokers. They each showed us some different apartments with varying levels of success; some brokers were awful, others were fine. My sister just moved to Forest Hills so we saw her apartment and loved it. Sister spoke highly about rosafranco ( so I reached out to her on Sunday, and set up an appointment. They showed us 3 apartments, 2 were OK, 1 was perfect! We put our deposit & signed the lease on Thursday. They really have a good list of affordable apartments. I really love the apartment and they made everything so easy…
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